Read up on all the best blog pots and bloggers from December.


Wide Screen World put together a fun and personal list of his top ‘movie going moments’ that included special screening and blogger meetups! [Top 5 movie-going moments of 2013]

Time For A Film looked at the best movies that didn’t make Rotten Tomatoes fresh cut. [The 5 Best “Rotten” Films of 2013]

Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions wrote a compelling For Your Consideration post about one of her favorite films of the past year – Spring Breakers. [Making the Case for Spring Breakers]

Mettel Ray runs the best blogathons and while I failed to participate in her latest Breaking Emotions Blogathon, I had a great time reading through all the submissions. [‘Breaking Emotions Blogathon’]

The Droid You’re Looking For turned in another stellar inforgraphic, this time featuring the work of Martain Scorsese. [Scoring Scorsese (and Other Work)]

Cinema Axis took the time to put a list together of the small pleasures of the year that might have been overlooked otherwise. [2013: THE HIDDEN GEMS]

Man, I Love Films contributor Pat gives some helpful bits of film advice to younger bloggers. [FILM ADVICE FROM AN OLD MAN]

Encore’s World of Film & TV sounded off about all the ups and downs from 2013’s Prisoners. [Some pressing thoughts I had about Prisoners]

Film Actually is running his Predict the Oscars contest again this year. Make sure your join the competition so I can defend my title against the best! [CONTEST: Predict the Oscar nominations!]

Your Face has a really fantastic post that celebrates their one year anniversary! [Your Face Is A Year Old!]

And The Cinematic Katzenjammer is also celebrating a birthday. [THE CINEMATIC KATZENJAMMER TURNS 2: THE ME BECOMES THE WE]


Red Head at the Movies
I just love this fabulous blog and even more fabulous writer Sara. Smartly written reviews, fun features and a slight tilt towards the horror genre makes this one of my favorite new blogs. [Try Reading: Review: The Wolf on Wall Street]

Action Movie Fanatix
This genre specific blog gives you all the action movie news and reviews you will ever need. It’s badass, check it out. [Try Reading: Action Movie Fanatix Review: Moon]

The Drama Llama
A blog I feel like I’ve been missing all my life. I found this blog out of no where thanks to the ABC Movie Meme the owner Katy is currently hosting. The site is beautiful and full of great things to read. [Try Reading: Alphabet Movie Meme (For Everyone)]

The Movie Mash
High quality site with tons of interesting articles and opinion pieces. I was hooked after I read the piece I linked to below. [Try Reading: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and The Disconnect with The Academy and Today]

Best Reviewed Movie: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [91%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Much Ado About Nothing [50%]

Featured: 18 Movie Characters and Groups I Want To Party With At Midnight

Podcasts: Tom Cruise Movies, Films About Mental IllnessSecret Santa Special