FTS Podcast Eps 172: Tom Cruise Movies The group talks about their favorite Tom Cruise roles and reacts to some listener feedback.
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What We Watched: Killing Season, Oldboy, Dead Man Down, Nebraska

Main Discussion: Top 3 Tom Cruise Movies

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2 thoughts on “FTS Podcast Eps 172: Tom Cruise Movies

  1. It’s official…Mark has shitty taste in Tom Cruise movies (though Interview was a solid pick). And Rob has apparently only seen about two that weren’t made in the 2000s. I feel like a hypocrite typing this, though, because if I were asked to make a list of, like, Gene Hackman movies, it would all be stuff from the 80s and 90s while people who’d seen a lot more of his work would be screaming that those are amongst his worst or something.

    Anyway, Lindsay was totally right – Oblivion? Really?

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