It’s easy to fantasize about what it might be like to get to hang out with or date or even become some of your favorite movie characters so I had a blast coming up with people for this list of Movie Characters and Groups I Want To Party With At Midnight on New Year’s Eve. See who made my list and what my ideal night would be like for each submission.

HONORABLE MENTION: Everyone in this Ciroc commercial
If you haven’t figured it out already, this is only an honorable mention because it’s technically a commercial. But out of everyone on this list, I feel like Diddy’s group of GQ quality men would be top notch New Year’s Eve party partners. First of all, everyone knows Diddy throws the BEST parties so with that info alone you’re basically guaranteed to have a good night. But then throw in the impossibly attractive Jesse Williams, fucking Michael K. Williams, Chad Michael Murray in glasses and science superfan Aaron Paul, well then I can only imagine I’ll be staying out all night long, loving life and yelling “GATORADE ME BITCH” at breakfast.

The Basterds from Inglourious Basterds
This entry is a little dangerous but maybe I need a little danger in my New Year’s Eve adventures. It’s true the Basterds could bring some heat with them, especially while they are still actively trying to scalp Nazis and all, but I bet they also know how to let loose.

Plans for the Night: Obviously we would wind up in some small pub playing ‘Card on Head Game’ (one of my favorite party games) preferably in a bar located above ground.

The Toys from Toy Story
I guess it doesn’t sound all that exciting to just hang around and play with toys on NYE but the Pixar toys really know how to party. It’s evident in the short film Partysaurus Rex (which can be seen here) that the toys can get real rowdy and even put on a outta sight foam dance party. That sounds a lot more fun than avoiding drunk hooligans’ sidewalk puke.

Plans for the Night: Getting wet and wild at a bath tub rave. Seriously, the more I think about this the better it sounds!

Andy Knightley from The World’s End
To be perfectly honest, it is kind of a dick move to want to party with someone that is actively avoiding drinking and trying to maintain years worth of sobriety. But once he’s pushed to the breaking point, we all know that Andy becomes a totally kick ass beacon of awesome.

Plans for the Night: Pub crawling around town of course. Throwing up our dukes to any non-human troublemakers that cross our paths.

The Gekko Brothers from From Dusk Til Dawn
This is another entry on this list that has a strong element of danger. Normally, I wouldn’t be particularly keen on hanging out with two cold blooded killers especially if one of them has a penchant for rape and feet. But the other brother does look like George Clooney and they visit some pretty gnarly places full of booze, Salma Hayek and Tom Savini.

Plans for the Night: Preferably hitting up the Titty Twister for a night of blood, guts and debauchery. I am a sick person on the inside.

The A Team from The A Team
The fun loving quartet know for being the helpful rebels on a mission to do good also seem like they would throw one hell of a party. If they deemed me cool enough to join their group for the evening I have a feeling that whatever we ended up doing would be full of shots, cigars and bad ass stories.

Plans for the Night: Smoking cigars with Hannibal, flirting with Face, buying jewelry with Mr. T and probably challenging everyone in the bar to a drinking contest with Murdock.

Danny Ocean & Crew from Ocean’s 11
I’m skeptical of anyone who wouldn’t want to hang out with any George Clooney character. Danny Ocean is sort of the ultimate in cool and it’s clear that his whole crew would be down for a fun night on the town. Sharing a special bond from the heists they pull, Ocean’s group would be able to get along just well enough to have a stellar night on the town.

Plans for the Night: Stroll around Vegas getting free drinks, looking like a million bucks and dropping fat stacks on the Roulette table. I can’t believe I just typed “fat stacks.” One second thought, I’m cool with it.

Gary, Wyatt & Lisa from Weird Science
If there is anything you should know about my 1980’s movie preferences it’s that the amount of sex I want to have with 1980’s Matthew Brodrick is equivalent to the amount of time I want to spend hanging out with 1980’s Anthony Michael Hall. And AMH is really at the top of his comedic game as Gary in Weird Science. Coupled with pre-puberty voiced Wyatt, the duo literally create the impossibly cool & sexy Lisa who in turn, helps the boys let loose. It would be a night to remember, for sure.

Plans for the Night: Either host an epic bash at home or hang out at the local jazz club being borderline racist but ultimately well-meaning.

Van Wilder from Van Wilder

Tommy: Did you hear I finally graduated?
Richard: Yeah, and just a shade under a decade too. All right.
Tommy: You know, a lot of people go to college for seven years.
Richard: I know, they’re called doctors.

Tommy Boy (1995)

Wise words Richard, but Van Wilder doesn’t see any career in his near future. The party-throwing collegiate over-stayer is an easy default for this list but not any less worthy. Van is the only ingredient you need to make any party succeed. He’s the guy every girl wants and every guy wants to be.

Plans for the Night: Assuming he put together one of his famous theme parties, my bet is on taking shots from an ice luge in my underwear. Now there’s a sight.

Lambda Lambda Lambda Fraternity from Revenge of the Nerds
You can’t overlook the Tri-Lambs. The may look like a bunch of nerds with no game but when they combine their supreme intelligence with their hopeful desire to meet chicks there is a lot of fun to be had. I would expect the unexpected with this rowdy bunch.

Plans for the Night: An above average house party mixer that would escalate to epic proportions once Poindexter busted out his electric violin. Plus I’m sure there would be a least one nerd in the bunch that I could talk to about movies and pop culture with all night.


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