Happy New Year! What, am I late? Oh well, take a look at the stuff I put together containing last month’s highlights including box office stats, my favorite posts and new blogs I’m into.

Django Unchained vs. Inglourious Basterds: The two Quentin Tarantino films went head to head at the overseas box offices. [Read]

2013 Sundance Update: The big time film festival produces some fruitful opportunities for a few indies. [Read]

J.J. Abrahms and Star Wars: It’s official. The new Star Wars movie has found it’s director. [Read]

Filmoria posted an article written by Pete Turner at I Love That Film, a retrospective look at that directorQuentin Tarantino’s body of work. [Quentin Tarantino Retrospective]

The Large Association of Movie Blogs has a great new podcast! The Film Pasture examines the culture of the Lamb community and gives insights into it’s happenings. [INTRODUCING THE FILM PASTURE, A NEW PODCAST OF THE LAMB]

Public Transportation Snob continues putting together excellent lists, this time nailing the ranking of Tim Robbins performances. [Top 5 Tim Robbins Performances]

Top 10 Films listed their top 10 movie murder investigations from the 1990′s so you know I had to highlight it this month. [Top 10 1990′s Murder Investigations]

Wordschat discusses tactics for dealing with chatty moviegoers and asks commenters to share their best tips. [Movie talk: Heckling movies]

And So It Begins crafted a very original list that notes the best instances in film where the title of the movie is said on screen. [Top 20 Movie Title Line Deliveries]

Graffiti With Punctuation – takes it’s name from a Contagion quote and the site boasts reviews, features, opinion, interviews and competitions.

Fill The Part – is a cool new site that allows you to recast movies from past and future.

Running Reel – is a very personal and thoughtful blog run by Georgia native Nika.

Alchollywood – Awesome blog and podcast that spends each episode talking about a movie and making a drinking game for it. I’ve already listened to a few episdoes and suggested a film!

Best Reviewed Movie: Zero Dark Thirty [83%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Bullet to the Head [37%]

Featured: 5 Favorite Things: Out of Sight (1998)

Podcasts: Film Resolutions for 2013Top 10 of 2012Musical MomentsComedic Actors Tournament

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