News flash: FTS won last month’s Lamb Movie of the Month poll and successfully championed the film Inglorious Basterds! In addition to an apperence on the Lambcast (appearing later this week) we will also have a few posts popping up about IB here on our site. Kicking off the first posts, it’s everyone’s favorite: a Movie Drinking Game!  Movie Drinking games are tailored to a specific movie and generally consist of taking a drink or shot every time something is said or shown on screen. Here at French Toast Sunday, we want to give you guys a little something extra for your movie experience. Enjoy and movie-drink responsibly!

Inglorious Basterds Drinking Game*

Become a drunk Bastard while watching the Nazis get a “what for” from the Inglorious ones!!


*Recommended Beers:

  • Arrogant Bastard Ale. If your stomach can handle this intensely crafted brew from Stone Brewery, then go for it! What better way to watch Basterds than with a Bastard of your own
  • Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier. This German Ale, brewed by the oldest brewery in the World is perfect for a film where a large portion of the dialogue is German.
  • Flying Dog Brewery’s In Heat Wheat. This German-style beer is a regional favorite and is the perfect companion as you and your fellow Basterds drink along

Take a drink:

  • You hear the phrase “Bear Jew” or “The Jew Hunter”
  • An interpreter repeats a question or sentence
  • A character orders a glass of milk
  • That character drinks his/her milk
  • A character speaks in rhyme (facts can be so misleading, where rumors, true or false, can often be revealing)
  • Aldo Rain WANTS HIS SCALPS! So for every scalp a Basterd takes, take a drink!
  • Every time the word “Nazi” is used
  • Every time a baseball analogy is used
  • Every time Aldo uses a food product in a derogatory way (Krautberger, etc)
  • Every time Hans Landa uses an American Expression (If the shoes fits, you must wear it)

Chug Your drink:

  • Has Landa drinks his entire glass of milk offered to him by Monsieur LaPadite
  • Or try to, for the duration of Has Landa’s laugh in response to Von Hammersmark’s explanation for her cast.

Bonus “Operation Kino” Challenge:

  • Take a shot whenever Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz ‘obliges’ the Nazi commander or when Aldo puts his finger in Von Hammersmarks wound!