When you watch as many movies as I do over the course of a year, sometimes you look back and realize how quickly some films will fall out of your consciousness. There are some instances when I will read about a film and forget it even came out that year. But this list isn’t limited to bad or forgettable movies, but the ones that aren’t discussed frequently. Specifically, I wanted to highlight amazing scenes from those type of films. Check out my list of memorable scenes you might have missed and I’ll be sure to shoot you a spoiler warning if need be.


FTS Podcast episode 45: We get all cutesy in episode 45 and dish on which movie characters we would like to date. Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it. Also we give you our favorite films starting with the letter P or a segment otherwise known as make Lindsay feel stupid. No April Foolin’ here, just a good podcast for your eardrums to snack on.