French Toast Sunday centers around a podcast we release every Friday. Friends Will, Marc, Jess, Rob, Nick and Lindsay get together every week to bring you their opinions, top 3 lists and overall self-serving input on film.

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film pasture
The Film Pasture is a podcast dedicated to exploring the world of film and film blogging through the eyes of writers. Each episode, Lindsay talks with members of the Large Association of Movie Blogs to learn about some corner of the cinematic universe.

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On the Lamb: http://www.largeassmovieblogs.com/podcasts/film-pasture/

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10 thoughts on “Podcasts

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  2. I just listened to your podcast about the three greatest nude scenes, and I’ll give you mad props for Pheobe Cates in “Fast Times…” and Porkys but for me My top 3 would be (In no order whatsoever)

    Heather Grahmm in Boggie Nights

    Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly in Bound

    and Jennifer Connelly in Career Opportunities

    (yes I know she doesn’t get naked but that scene with her riding that toy horse was and still very hot. I think I discoverd masturbation whie watching that movie) If that last sentence offends anyone I apologize. Keep up the great work on the podcasts. Look forward to the next one

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