Sites We Love

Take a peak at some of French Toast Sunday’s favorite sites from all around the web!
Large Association of Movie Blogs

Large Association of Movie Blogs
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3 Guys 1 Movie

Cinema Axis

Cut The Crap movie reviews

Encore’s World of Film & TV

Flickering Myth


Forced Viewing

From the Depths of DVD Hell

Goregirl’s Dungeon


Man, I Love Films

Sobriety Test Movie Reviews

The Vern’s Video Vortex

The Warning Sign

Two Dollar Cinema

U, Me and Films

Wide Screen World

Blueprint Review

Cinematic Katzenjammer

Two Dude Review

Top 10 Films

A Space Blogyssey

Whoa This is Heavy

And So It Begins

Karamel Kinema

To The Escape Hatch

A RedHead at the Movies

Screen Insight

Public Transportation Snob

The Droid You’re Looking For

Film Actually

Mettel Ray Movie Blog

Today I Watched A Movie

Impassioned Cinema

Film Flare

Art of the Title


A Dash of Cinema

Dave Examines Movies

Forgotten Flix

Film Phage

Life Vs. Film

Silver Emulsion Film Reviews

Time for a Film

Films and Coke

Your Face

Lights Camera Reaction

Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

Inspired Ground

24 thoughts on “Sites We Love

    • It can definitely be challenging to keep the blog roll in check. I really like that we switched everything to one page because I think it’s nice to have a little chunk of the site dedicated to out favorite places to visit.

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