Meet Will

Will is known as the offensive one on the FTS Podcast. He has no shame in saying whatever is on his mind, no matter how crazy he sounds as a result. You can also find Will all over the FTS blog page with his contributions to lists, reviews and various features. Have a complaint for Will? Email him at will@frenchtoastsunday.com


Review! Slow West

Slow West (2015) Directed by John Maclean. Starring: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Michael Fassbender, Ben Mendelsohn. IMDB Says: "'Slow West' follows a 16-year-old boy...

Review! Unfriended

Unfriended (2015) Directed by Levan Gabriadze. Starring: Heather Sossaman, Matthew Bohrer, Courtney Halverson. IMDB Says: "A group of online chat room friend...

Review! Candlestick

Candlestick (2014) Directed by Christopher Presswell. Starring: Andrew Fitch, Isla Ure, Nigel Thomas. IMDB Says: "A social gathering is rocked to its core w...