Thursday Movie Picks (TMP) is a weekly blogging event hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. Each week, participants chose three to five of their favorite movies that fit the current theme. Find the schedule here. This week’s topic: The Woods.

When I spotted the prompt for “The Woods” I was eager to take on a quick Thursday Movie Picks list. I myself love hiking and am particularly fond of the beauty of the forest. I was instantly flooded with a multitude of movie scene visuals. From the fun shootout in Sherlock Holmes Book of Shadows to the impending dread looming in The Place Beyond the Pines. But for this list, I decided to narrow my scope to include films set almost entirely among the trees.

While this is nowhere near one of my favorite films, this tight indie thriller makes the list because its deft attention to story. It’s based on a true story (that is more horrifying than the flick when you read the details) and centers on a couple taking a rugged camping trip in a backcountry area. The adventure gets complicated after a few inexperienced moves compound the duo’s disadvantages against the environment around them. If you’ve ever been strolling around in the wilderness before, this movie might just spark up some uneasiness about your worst fears. The plot unfolds with very believable beats and is bolstered by solid performances from the main leads.

The Evil Dead
On the flip side, I’m not nearly as concerned about reanimated demons terrorizing me in a remote cabin. Still, The Evil Dead is essential viewing for the Horror in the Woods super niche. Sam Raimi developed the classic flick on a tiny budget but won us all over with his creative effects work, unforgettably horrific scenes (tree rape, anyone?) and of course, one of the most memorable movie leads to join the ranks of Horror Heros.

The Cabin in the Woods
This one even has “The Woods” right in the title! I think you’d be hard pressed to find a horror movie fan that doesn’t gush about the consistently clever and endlessly entertaining film from Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon. The movie rewards fans in a way that I imagine hasn’t been done since Scream came out in ’96. It’s just really fun and so well executed that you’ll wonder why it hasn’t been attempted before.