Movie Drinking games are tailored to a specific movie and generally consist of taking a drink or shot every time something is said or shown on screen. Here at French Toast Sunday, we want to give you guys a little something extra for your movie experience. Enjoy and movie-drink responsibly!

Back To The Future is a classic in the time travel genre and as an 80’s comedy. Combine the two and you have one of the most original movies from that time. It’s an enduring movie that honestly plays even better when you watch it as an adult even if it is a crowd-pleaser for kids. When I rewatched it a few years back I was pleasantly surprised by how awesome and well-made it is. It’s truly a special film. What better excuse to give it a rewatch than an opportunity to knock back a few drinks?

Suggested drink: Get yourself a milk, chocolate. Perhaps chocolate milk wine or some of that Adult Chocolate Milk? I mean it fits perfectly, but looks kind of gross. Actually, I’m not sure you should be chugging it in large quantities. On second thought, I don’t suggest it. But maybe one of those cheap beers that have been around since the 80’s would go down better.

Back to the Future Drinking Game

    Take a drink whenever:

    • A character says “Clock” or “Time”
    • You see the time on a clock
    • The Flux capacitor is mentioned
    • Anything is deemed heavy
    • Someone almost gets run over
    • You see a sign for or hear the town name Hill Valley
    • Marty gives a clue that he’s from the future
    • Lorraine flirts or admires her son

    Take a shot whenever:

      •  You hear “The Power of Love”

      Chug your drink when:

        •  Marty plays “Johnny B. Goode” at the dance

        If my calculations are correct,
        when this baby hits 88 miles per hour…
        you’re gonna see some serious shit.

        – Doc Brown