This month FTS is celebrating time travel so I decided to list off some of my favorite films that deal with the confounding but ultimately rewarding subject.

EDGE OF TOMORROW Also known as “Live. Die. Repeat.” this movie is a clever sci-fi action flick that is as thrilling as it is rewatchable. Tom Cruise plays an inexperienced soldier inexplicably forced to repeat the same day of intergalactic battling over and over again. I gave the movie a really positive review when it first came out but since then my love has only grown with repeat viewings.

DONNIE DARKO This strange, genre-defying film is in a class all its own. It’s disturbing, comedic, endlessly quotable and almost impossible to decipher on an initial viewing. If you’ve already seen it then you probably understand its unique appeal and if you haven’t then what are you waiting for?

LOOPER Walking the tight rope between explaining time travel mechanics and leaving some elements to the imagination, Looper gives viewers an effectively layered narrative. There are plenty of chase scenes and flashy sequences but the movie will give you a good bit to chew on after the credits are done rolling.

GROUNDHOG DAY A perfect showcase for all of Bill Murray’s wonderful acting sensibilities. A story weaved together with equal parts comic folly and sincere melancholy, the movie works entirely because of Murray’s fantastic central performance.

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE I’m a sucker for comedy born from an absurd premise and you only need to read the movie title here to know what you’re gonna get. The performances and chemistry from the lead characters helps the ridiculous plot and silly running gags propel uncontrollable laughs.

BACK TO THE FUTURE There is no question that Back to the Future is a cultural phenomenon and rightfully so. Everything about this movie is executed so well and even on rewatch it remains one of the most satisfying films I think I’ve ever seen.

What are your favorite Time Travel flicks?