Online gaming companies are always looking for ways to attract new customers. One of the best techniques to get people interested in playing games online is by using a theme or recognized brand to draw in people who may not necessarily gamble online. Slot machines rely heavily on the way they look, sound and feel, so gaming companies are constantly looking at interesting characters, stories or themes that bring the game to life. We’ll be taking a look at some of the best slot machines that are based on movies, so that film fans can try something new and enjoy seeing their favorite characters and scenes in a different format.

A Nightmare on Elm Street
The classic teen high school horror flick has been brought to life in this creepy slot game. Murderous janitor Freddy Kruger makes an appearance across the reels, with scenes from the latest movie in the series popping up when combos are matched. Try and access the ‘Never Sleep Again’ mini game, where you have to stay awake just like the movie, collecting cups of coffee, loud TV shows and a phone call from one of your friends.

The Hangover
What better way to relive the Las Vegas capers of Alan, Stu, Phil and Doug than in the slot machine remake of the first movie. Mr Chow provides the hilarious voice-over as you spin the reels, matching up symbols to win combos, free spins and unlocked clips from the movie. Look out for ‘Carlos’ the baby, the tiger, Alan’s satchel, the escaped chickens, Stu’s bloody tooth and plenty of alcohol.

The Godfather
Francis Ford Coppola’s classic gangster film is brought to the casino with this classic five reel online slot game, featuring the Corleone family and symbols from the film. Look out for the horse’s head and the wedding day mini game which unlocks free spins and bonuses.

The Big Lebowski
Join the Dude, Donny and Walter as they avoid anarchists, kidnappers and Mr Lebowski on this five reel slot with a cool bowling theme that really does justice to the cult classic from the Coen Brothers. The game features 3 rows with 25 pay lines and a cool wild symbol, the dude’s battered old Pontiac. Keep an ear out for the guitar soundtrack and quotes from the movie which play when you link up certain combos and unlock bonus rounds. The game is really easy to pick up and the colored symbols make it easy to keep track of what you need to win.

Clash of the Titans
This fast-paced game is based on the 2010 tale of the Greek Gods battling against Hades’ most evil monsters. By linking the symbols across five reels and collecting bonuses and wilds, you can unlock scenes from the movie and a ‘pick and win’ mini game. Up to 12 free spins are given out if players manage to line up three of more Clash of the Titans scatter symbols and the Jackpot is progressive, meaning it grows the more you play.

There are plenty of movie themed slot games to be tried out, but make sure you pick games with a big jackpot and strong RTP (return to player) percentage. Some games can eat up your funds quickly without providing much fun, but the selection above all have minimum and maximum stakes that ensure that slot players at all levels can enjoy the action.