The most fascinating, capturing and atmospheric movies dedicated to the casino theme. Watch them and enjoy the atmosphere of the casino in popular movies!

There is no need to spend hours on the roulette or playing poker online to feel the adrenaline rush and the atmosphere of the best gambling houses. Keen gamblers often take a rest from their betting habits by watching movies dedicated to casino or players like them. This article reveals the most interesting and unforgettable movies which will definitely catch your attention. We have gathered films that suit every fancy so you will be able to find one that will hit the spot. Some of them are based on stories of real people and events, and actual casinos; so, who knows, maybe you will find your favorite gambling house from Swiss online casino guide here!

Have you seen these masterpieces?


This movie made in 1995 and directed by Martin Scorsese made a lot of fuss in its time. With an impressive cast including Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, & Sharon Stone, the movie follows the story of two gangsters: the one who wants to establish a reliable reputation in gambling industry and the other one who is trying to spoil everything.

A Big Hand for the Little Lady

It is one of Hollywood old classics (1966) with Henry Fonda and Joanne Woodward as leading actors. It is a comedy that tells a success story of the ill-fortuned gambler who makes bets without money and then successfully solves all his problems (not without a string of comical situations).


Matt Damon’s admirers will tell you that it is one of the best films in his career – the story of gambler who has to return to poker with the aim of helping his friend to pay off the loan.


Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster star in this story about a poker player who is struggling to earn some money to participate in the major poker tournament.

The Sting

This movie was created in 1973 and is about a youngster conman from Chicago who wants to revenge the murder of his partner. The cast includes Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

Owing Mahowny

This movie tells of what can happen to a gambling-addicted bank manager gets his hands on the account of the VIP customer.

Ocean’s Eleven

One of the most famous, spectacular and adrenaline filled casino movies you will ever see. The story of the team of robbers who have ripped off three Las Vegas gambling houses. The memorable characters are portrayed by A-List actors including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts.
© 2001 Warner Bros. Photo by Sid Avery

The Cincinnati Kid

Another golden Hollywood classics, it is a story of a newcomer in the world of professional poker and how he earned his name as the best poker player.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

A movie based on the story of a real poker player. The intriguing plot twists will keep you on your toes until the credits start rolling!


The movie tells a story about 6 MIT students who have polished card counting skills and moved to Las Vegas in order to put them to the test.

Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess, left)

Select any of these films to watch and you are guaranteed not only to have splendid evening, but also to learn something new about how the world of gambling works!