July was a fun month for blogging – full of meetups, blogathons and a lot more goodies. Take a look at article highlights, review recommendations and my favorite posts from July 2014.


Hitchcock’s World is running a blogathon that celebrates Women in Film. | [Women in Film Blogathon]

Seven Inches of Your Time wrote a reflective piece on time spent at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. | [Comic-Con Retrospective]

Man I Love Films also ran a great wrap up post of 2014’s SD Comic Con. | [THE 2014 SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON PHOTO ESSAY]

My Film Views is challenging bloggers to take part in the “Six Degrees of Separation blogathon.” | [Six Degrees of Separation blogathon]

Flights Tights and Movie Nights recorded a great episode of his podcast Filmwhys with Stephen from Silver Emulsions | [Filmwhys Extra #12 Anime Superheroes]

And So It Begins (a mandatory inclusion for Month in Review posts apparently) jotted down all of the things he loves about my all time favorite Coen Brother film – No Country for Old Men. | [Top 52 Things I Love About No Country for Old Men (that no one talks about)]

Dell on Movies is also running a blogathon – this one is all about going against the grain. | [Against the Crowd Blogathon]

Life Vs Film picked an odd top 10 list to celebrate the Taxi Driver lambcast episode that also came out in July, but it’s still peppered with some colorful characters. | [Top 10… Movie Cab Drivers]

The Cinematic Katzenjammer has a mega blogathon challenge for all the bloggers out there. | [THE CK MOVIE CHALLENGE: A BLOGATHON]

The Across The Universe Podcast is fucking killing it with fantastic, creative episodes. Make sure to check them out!! | [Episode 30: Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions]


Two Dollar Cinema reminded me of my favorite film from 2013. | Review Quote: “I dare you to find a movie where the performances feel more natural, more authentic than this one. The perfect actors reading the perfect lines. I felt like these people were not only real people I knew, but really, really cared about them. Especially those (damn) kids.” | Read the review for Short Term 12.

Film Intel thinks you to check out this fascinating albeit bias documentary. | Review Quote:“Gibney presents the events he focuses upon in a tight and matter-of-fact fashion, giving We Steal Secrets a polished and professional feel.” | Read the review for We Steal Secrets: The Story Of WikiLeaks.

Seven Inches of Your Time marvels at this layered revenge tale. | Review Quote: “BLUE RUIN is what would actually happen if a random guy found himself pitted against an arms-bearing family, and not the glorified Hollywood version of vengeful actions that we’ve seen so many times before. “ | Read the review for Blue Ruin.

Cinema Axis has a solid pick for your Netflix Instant Watch fix. | Review Quote: “It conveys the universal theme of finding one’s own path, while subtly avoiding several of the conventions commonly found in teen-centric coming-of-age tales. “ | Read the review for Fat Kid Rules The World.

On The Screen Reviews takes a look at the doppelganger film starring Jesse Eisenberg. | Review Quote: “Where the visuals and sounds set the stage in a stunning fashion, the acting sucks you into the world with surgical precision. “ | Read the review for The Double.


Best Reviewed Movie: The Purge: Anarchy [74%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Lucy [61%]

Featured: Coffee Break: Chicago Road Trip for the 2014 Lamb Meetup

Podcasts: Movie Parties We Would Like to Attend | Drunk Trivia International Edition | Minisode – A. I. Artificial Intelligence