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Have you ever heard of Krampus? It’s a demonic beast creature of Christmas folklore that punishes naughty children by kidnapping them. Now Michael Dougherty wants to bring us the Krampus movie we deserve. [‘Trick ‘R Treat’ Director Set to Make Holiday Horror ‘Krampus’]

Gore Report enthusiast Robert from To The Escape Hatch & FTS brought to my attention that Lone Survivor director Peter Berg would be interested in doing a remake to Wes Craven’s Shocker. [Exclusive! Peter Berg wants IN on a Shocker remake with Wes Craven!]

Effects Artist Rick Baker once designed alien creatures for a lost Close Encounters of the Third Kind sequel known as Watch the Skies. Now you can see his beautiful concept art. [See Rick Baker’s Alien Designs for Steven Spielberg’s Abandoned Film ‘Night Skies’]


Willow Creek

Director: Bobcat Goldthwait / Stars: Alexie Gilmore, Bryce Johnson

I like Bobcat Goldthwait the director. I don’t think his films are perfect but I dig the subject matters he jumps on and appreciate that he is out there filling a void in the market. His latest flick Willow Creek, the found footage horror film about Bigfoot has been getting a lot of positive reviews (in fact you can see one linked below) but I would never know any of that from this trailer. It’s an awful teaser, really. There is nothing original, new or scary to be seen and the film’s plot doesn’t even feel inviting. Normally the critical praise would be enough to push me to eventually check this out but this marketing effort is making me think twice already.


Director: Ben Ketai / Stars: Patrick Doody, Chris Valenziano

I really enjoy these type of claustrophobic horror films. The split dynamic of feeling stuck and mounting paranoia is always a great recipe for drama and Beneath feels like no exception. I’m not 100% positive why the filmmakers felt the need to label this as ‘based on a true story’ when it seems like the only thing it’s based on is some miners getting trapped but it’s a small fault I’m eager to overlook.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Director: Kaare Andrews / Stars: Sean Astin, Currie Graham, Ryan Donowho

This doesn’t look terrible but I’m constantly befuddled as to why “sequels” that are so far removed from the original film feel the need to hang on to some exisiting property. This obviously could have been an infection horror movie without being labeled with Cabin Fever‘s name. Not that I care about Fever’s legacy and I understand it might help marketing the film if there is name recognition, I just think it is such a flimsy thread to hang by. I doubt I’ll ever see this sequel..or prequel anyways.

Leprechaun: Origins

Director: Zach Lipovsky / Stars: Brendan Fletcher, Dylan Postl, Stephanie Bennett

We all know exactly what’s wrong with this film just from this trailer. You can’t make a completely serious film based on a killer Leprechaun. It’s just not gonna work. Now, perhaps this trailer is cut in a way that makes it devoid of any of the campier elements but that seems like a bad move from my perspective. I don’t think there needs to be a totally silly vibe to the movie (think of something like the Evil Dead reboot) but stripping a franchise that feautures the title ‘Leprechaun: In the Hood‘ of all of its humor does not fly.

V/H/S: Viral

Director: Various / Stars: Various

The VHS series is one of best things going on in mainstream horror right now. Not every short film included in the series is great but the anthology formula that the story works with allows for just enought wiggle room and creativity that the film won’t suffer too much if someone takes a risk and fails. This new teaser promises more craziness that we got out of the first films so you can count me in for more horror shorts.


1001 Plus takes a look at a cult horror film that I love. [Off Script: Phantasm]

Final Girl announces the Maniac Madness winner! [MANIAC MADNESS: The Winner!]

Your Face and FTSer Jess Manzo talk about the ridiculous film The Devil’s Rain on an episode of The Lair of the Unwanted. [The Lair of the Unwanted #82: It’s Raining Demons! Hallelujah!]

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Film Intel is reviewing the classic Re-Animator in high definition. [Re-Animator – Blu-ray Review]

Your Face reviews a film that FTS watched in a recent Mega Movie Marathon. [Nick Reviews: Bloody Birthday]

Top 10 Films recommends Bobcat Goldthwait’s new horror flick about Bigfoot. [Blair Witch Meets Snowbeast in Bobcat Goldthwait’s Fun Horror “Willow Creek”]

Vern’s Video Vortex & Flights Tights and Movie Nights want you to spend the summer celebrating Toxie. [All About Toxie. The Troma Super Summer Spectacular Blogathon.]


10 thoughts on “The Gore Report – Rick Baker, Willow Creek, Leprechaun: Origins and More

  1. Thanks for the link Linds! Much appreciated.

    I hadn’t actually seen that trailer until now and agree that it doesn’t sell Willow Creek very well. That said, it pretty much contains the entire film in that two minutes. What I would say is that when Goldthwait racks up the tension he does it really well – especially in a quite lengthy scene near the end. It has a real debt to Blair Witch but if you liked that film you’ll probably enjoy Willow Creek without it offering anything new.

    • Hmmm, I really disliked Blair Witch so I don’t know if that will help me! There is still some mild interest though, especially because I’ve been reading that there is a bit of dark humor in it as well.

  2. 1. I want to see Krampus!!
    2. Yeah, that Willow Creek trailer was not good.
    3. I thought that it said Brendan Fraser at first under stars for Leprechaun: Origins.

  3. Glad to see my “Shocker” link get in here! 🙂

    I’m stoked for Willow Creek but, yeah, those trailers aren’t great. It seems like the found footage Bigfoot genre is booming, I think there’s at least two other films that have come out or are coming out. I’m surprised there isn’t a classic Bigfoot horror movie to begin with, unless you count Boggy Creek. Abominable comes close for me but that’s about it.

    Beneath looks like its worthy of sharing The Descent’s genre and V/H/S Viral looks like another solid entry in the franchise. Enjoyed reading, as always!

  4. I haven’t seen any of those that you just mentioned but I agree, there should be at least one solid Bigfoot film and I can’t name one.

    Agree Agree about both Beneath & VHS. Looking forward to both. I feel like I’ve been missing out on the genre lately!

    • Two fun ones that spring to mind are Enter the Void and Zombieland. I don’t know how much there is to deconstruct in either of them though.

      I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the site but is one of my favorite favorite sites. Check it out for inspiration!

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