Let’s look at article highlights, review recommendations and my favorite posts from May 2014.


Man I Love Films wrote a great post that looks at scene stealing background characters. [FILM SCHOOL FRIDAY LESSON #28 – HOW TO BECOME A SCENE STEALING EXTRA]

Films and Coke is gushing about the super cute 500 Days of Summer. [20 things I love about (500) Days of Summer]

I Love That Film looks into the misogynist angle of a David Fincher cult classic. [Fight Club, Feminism and Misogyny: A2 Film Studies Exam Answer]

Rambling Film joined Hitchcock’s World Favorite Movie Scenes Blogathon with a scene from one of my hands-down all time favorite films. [Favorite Movie Scene Blogathon]

And So It Begins is breaking down the best scenes using split screen. [Top 10 Uses of Split-Screen]

Cinema Axis wrote an excellent piece that looks at the state of Hollywood blockbusters and what the internet is always whining about. [THE AUDIBLE SOUND OF WALLETS OPENING…]

A Dash of Cinema wrote a delicious post merging her two favorite passions: food & film. [Eat & Watch: Pasta with Homemade Chunky Tomato Sauce & Diana (2013)]


Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews looked at the superb indie genre film from Jeremy Saulnier. Review Quote: “…the movie still thrilled me the whole way through, even when it threw every twist, turn, and wrench it could think of. Rarely does that happen in which I don’t expect that; but so rarely does it happen in which I actually embrace the unpredictability to everything.” Read the review for Blue Ruin.

Seven Inches of Your Time really dug John Favreau’s new movie. Review Quote: “It’s fascinating, overwhelmingly personal (he even makes a weight gain dig at himself), and clearly serves to rejuvenate Favreau’s creative spirit and enthusiasm for film.” Read the review for Chef.

Movie Reviews From The Dark recommends this documentary about a troubling topic. Review Quote: “The real impact of a documentary is judged by its call to action – the ability to get people involved in finding answers and solutions. Let’s hope the impact is profound, even if it’s too late for some.” Read the review for Kids For Cash.

Your Face writer Jason does his best to write a non comedic review for a super serious film. Review Quote: “The acting is brilliant, the way it’s shot is great, the story is intriguing, and you just want to know what happens next.” Read the review for City of God.


Best Reviewed Movie: Neighbors [87%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Only Lovers Left Alive [51%]

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