Let’s look at article highlights, review recommendations and my favorite posts from May 2014.


Lights Camera Reaction celebrated their second birthday at the beginning of the month. [LCR’s Second Birthday!]

RedHead at the Movies participated in Forgotten Films Big League Blogathon by taking a look at feminism in baseball with A League of Their Own. [Redhead Temper: Baseball, Feminism and Comic Melodrama in A League of Their Own]

Vern’s Video Vortex highlights some awesome video reviewers that you should also be checking out. [The Top 5 Movie Review Shows Online You Should Be Watching.]

Mettel Ray describes in plain terms her passion for film and dealing with the people that don’t understand it. [The existential force of a movie lover’s mind]

And So It Begins… joins in on the Iconic Movie Characters relay race. []

Film Actually went to the TRIBECA Film Festival and posted a ton of a amazing coverage on the site. [TRIBECA coverage]

Cinema Axis wrote a lovely and personal post that celebrated both his marriage and love for film. [MY MARRIAGE VIEWED THROUGH FILM]

To The Escape HAtch was lucky enough to talk with Cheap Thrills director E.L. Katz about his latest flick. [Cheap Thrills Interview]

The Matinee is SPOILER ALERT talking about nature of spoilers. [The Devil is In The Details: The Current State of Spoiler Culture]


Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews wrote a really great review for one of the most mind boggling movies of recent memory. Review Quote: “Not only will it make your mind hurt, and twist, and pull, and do all sorts of terrible, unhealthy things that you won’t like, it will make you want to re-watch it again, and again, and again, and again, only until you finally feel justified in saying you know exactly what happens, for what reasons, to whom, and exactly why. And even then, I can’t assure you that you’ll fully understand it.” Read the review for Enemy.

Rambling Film once again brings a small indie gem to the forefront on her blog. Review Quote: “The film isn’t just a bunch of one liners, it relays a very important message, which is loving yourself for who you are.” Read the review for But I’m A Cheerleader.

The Warning Sign nails this review for this junk food theater classic. Review Quote: ” Swayze kicks a bunch of ass, Gazzara hams it up as the main villain, buildings get destroyed, characters find excuses to fight over anything, and Sam Elliott gets to show off his pubic hair. Wait… scratch that last part, that’s something I wish I did not see. “ Read the review for Road House.

Life Vs Film starts off the BTTF trilogy with some pretty intense praise. Review Quote: “Is there such a thing as a perfect film? For all the praise I laud over Jurassic Park, I’m more than willing to admit that as a movie it has it’s shortcomings – just look at the cliffside, which miraculously appears where mere moments ago there had been a goat in a cage. Back to the Future, however, may be the closest thing I’ve found to an utterly flawless movie” Read the review for The Back to the Future Trilogy.


Best Reviewed Movie: Under The Skin [86%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Transcendence [64%]

Featured: Darren Aprilofsky

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