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Celebrate Wes AnderMarch and Win This Fantastic ‘Fill Bill’ Bill Murray Coloring Book from Drew Blank’s HeroSquares.com! by FTS
FTS is partnering up with artist Drew Blank to help give you dear readers some very cool stuff…for FREE! To help celebrate Wes AnderMarch, we’re giving away a very awesome ‘Fill Bill’ Bill Murray coloring book!

Trope Talk: What If Wes Anderson Really Did Make a Horror Movie? by Sara of FTS & RedHead at the Movies
It’s another edition of Trope Talk that takes a look at what it would be like if Wes Anderson made a horror movie.

A nice summation of one of Anderson’s best films.

HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT: The Royal Tenenbaums by Shane of Film Actually
Shane chooses one of the happier emotional beats of the film for his favorite shot from The Royal Tenenbaums.

Kanye Wes
Ever ever, Mr. Wes is in the building! Remember this tumblr? Wes Anderson + Kanye West = One of the many reasons I love the internet.
Here is my favorite.

25 Wes Anderson Movie Facts To Fill You With Whimsy BY Joel Stice at Film Drunk
Did you know that Gene Wilder was originally offered the part of Royal Tenenbaum? Read all about that and more in the Film Drunk list.

There’s going to be a fancy box set of every Wes Anderson soundtrack via the A.V. Club
The briefest of movie/music news: “The 10-album collection features songs from Anderson and music supervisor Randall Poster’s 22-year, eight-movie collaboration.”

Super goregous visual representations of all the basic info behind Wes’ films.

The Iconic Characters of Wes Anderson via London Is The Reason
Cute inforgraphic that selects the most memorable characters from all the Wes catalog.

Movie Drinking Game: Bottle Rocket by Rob of FTS
Rob is here to help you raise a glass to Anderson’s directorial debut (and also get you a little tipsy.)

Ranking Wes Anderson’s Movies: A Definitive, Quantitative, Scientific Analysis by Vince Mancini of Film Drunk
My personal favorite Wes Anderson film doesn’t quite top the list but it’s hard to argue placement here.

Robert’s Top 10 Wes Anderson Characters by Robert at FTS
Check out Robert’s difinitive list of his very favorite characters featured in Wes Anderson movies.

Beer and a Movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox and Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager by Rob at FTS
Rob is back with another Drinking Game for your Wes Anderson fix.

The 8 Most Effectively Whimsical Songs In Wes Anderson Movies by Josh Kurp at Film Drunk
Adorable, twee and yes whimsical music from the director with the courdoroy jacket.

Rental Pick: The Darjeeling Limited (2007) by Ruth at Flix Chatter
Check out what Ruth thought of one of Anderson’s lesser talked about works.

Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Sets a Box Office Record by Germain Lussier at /Film
News dropped this week that Wes’ new film is cleaning up at the box office.

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Marinaesque
A fantastic poster.

Bottle Rocket (1996), The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), & Rushmore (1998) reviews
by Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews
Tons of Wes Anderson movie reviews from the man that does it best.

Wes Anderson Hate and the Case against Filmmakers by Dan Heaton at Public Transportation Snob
Dan examines what sparks criticsim among divisive directors.

Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, & The Darjeeling Limited reviews by Elwood at From The Depths of DVD Hell (& Diamonds in Da Sky)
Elwood continues his strong support of our director’s series with a whole slew of Anderson reviews/

Favorite Scene Friday! The Royal Tenenbaums: “Needle in the Hay” by Robert at To The Escape Hatch
Robert uses his awesome Favorite Scene Friday feature to showcase a scene from on of Anderson’s most acclaimed films.

Wes Anderson DVDs by Marc Murera
Graphic designer Marc Murera has a set of beautiful Wes related illustrations

Watch a ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Companion Short by Russ Fischer at /Film
Take a peek at this little short that shows you how to make “courtesan au chocolat.”

Favorite Scene Friday! The Royal Tenenbaums: “Needle in the Hay” by Robert of To The Escape Hatch
A fun feature that looks at one of Anderson’s best scenes.

Wes Anderson // Centered by kogonada
Great video that takes a thorough look at Wes’ signature centered shots.

TBT: FANTASTIC MR. FOX (2009) by Digital Shortbread
Celebrating ‘Throw Back Thursday’ by taking a look at Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Check out these reviews for The Grand Budapest Hotel from:
Caitlin of Heart of Cinema
Vern of The Vern’s Video Vortex
Ruth of Flixchatter
Nick of French Toast Sunday
Sara if RedHead at the Movies

Check out these fantastic posts from Alex of And So It Begins…
Top 10 Female Performances in Wes Anderson Films
Top 10 Male Performances in Wes Anderson Films
Top 15 Music Moments in Wes Anderson Films

The Grand Budapest Hotel Review by Rich at Wide Screen World
A review that makes you want to shell out the money needed to see this one in theaters.

Spin-Off – Margot Tenenbaum: The Wilderness Years by Elwood at From The Depths of DVD Hell
Elwood used a Wes Anderson charater to participate in Sati’s ‘Spin-off character Blogathon.’

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Review by Natalie at Writer Loves Movies
Another fantastic GBH review from film critic Natalie Stendall.

5 Favorite Things: Rushmore (1998) by Jay at FTS
A list of some of the greatest elements of one of Anderson’s finest.

The 8 Most Effectively Whimsical Songs In Wes Anderson Movies by Josh Kurp at Uproxx
A nice write up that looks through Anderson’s impressive use of music in film.


Eat, Drink, and Be Murray Tee from Mod Cloth
Sweet shirt for any Murray/Life Aquatic fan.

5 Great Bits: Wes Anderson by Robert at FTS
Awesome videos and tidbits both old and new from the Director of the Month.

Wes Anderson Criterion Collection by Jess at FTS
Dissecting the best content from all of Wes’ Criterion films.

Wes Anderson By The Numbers by Nick at FTS
Super cool infographic that provides interesting Anderson insight through facts and figures.

Rushmore by Elwood at From The Depths of DVD Hell
Elwood is at it again, this time reviewing Rushmore.

Thanks to all who participated in Wes Andermarch!