brick Here to take a look at the films coming out in wide and limited release this coming weekend. I’ll give you my thoughts to help you decide what’s worth checking out.


  • Brick Mansions – God, just watching this trailer bummed me out. Nothing to do with the content, but just seeing the late Paul Walker on screen is sad. Walker plays a cop who goes undercover with a convict into a contained area in a future version of Detroit where the worse criminals are kept. He has to try to shut down the worst of the of the criminals lead by RZA. This looks like a mix of a bunch of different movies like Dredd, The Raid 2, Escape from New York and various other actions movies. Now whether this could possibly be as good as those movies is likely doubtful, but it could be a fun watch nonetheless.
  • The Other Woman – Lindsay likened this to The First Wives Club and I think that is the perfect comparison. Both movies feature women getting back at the man who wronged them. I don’t think this is going to go over well with all audiences and especially not critics, but I don’t think that it looks like shit. Okay, maybe that’s because the trailer for this and Mom’s Night Out came out around the same time and that looks awful, but I could definitely watch this. Not at the movie theater, but at home for sure.
  • The Quiet Ones – This horror movie is about a college student who joins an experiment that his professor is investigating involving paranormal activity. It looks pretty eerie, and the trailer doesn’t actually seem to give too much away but the little bit of CGI that flashes throughout makes me apprehensive. Too many horror movies do a good job building up tension and then wreck it with effects heavy sequences that take you out of it. Unfortunately for this one, I am far more likely to catch Oculus before it leaves theaters and will save this one for home viewing.



  • Locke – This looks very, very promising and the feedback so far has been stellar. Tom Hardy plays a man who receives a phone call while driving that puts him into a dire situation. The trailer is fantastically vague, so I can’t even give a clearer synopsis. It’s a thriller taking place in the car entirely as far as I can tell, and any chance to see a director pull that off is impressive (see Buried, etc). I also am totally find with having Hardy on the screen for the entire 85 minute run time.
    See where it’s playing in theaters here.
  • Blue Ruin – This little indie thriller is boasting an impressive 90% on Rotten Tomatoes right now. It’s supposed to be a very dark revenge tale about a man retaliating for some sort of childhood trauma from what I can tell from the trailer (I’m trying to not look into plot details as much as possible). I am interested in finding out what this bloody, well received film is all about and why it’s been getting such high praise so far.
    Available through Video on Demand and see where it’s playing in theaters here.