underHere to take a look at the films coming out in wide and limited release this coming weekend. I’ll give you my thoughts to help you decide what’s worth checking out.


  • Captain America: Winter Soldier – I’m pretty into most of the Marvel movies thus far, some more than others, but I’ve never seen the first Captain America movie. I really like Chris Evans but when the feedback from friends and critics was pretty lukewarm I just never worried about seeing it. I did like the character’s appearance in The Avengers though, and want to finally watch it. It helps that I’ve heard amazing feedback for this sequel. I wouldn’t have expected it, but apparently this is one of the better Marvel movies so far. This movie sees Steve Rogers in a modern setting and even has Black Widow in there to tie things in, so that could feel much more relevant and interesting than the period piece that his origin story was.



  • Under the Skin – This looks kind of berserk and I can’t wait to check it out! The trailer is quite enigmatic, featuring a stunning Scarlett Johansson who looks to be stretching for a performance unlike anything we’ve seen before from her. You really don’t get much story wise, but it makes up for it with the style on display. It looks very visually interesting. I’m trying to stay in the dark on plot details but I can say it has to do with aliens. Anyone else up for a double dose of ScarJo this weekend?
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  • Dom Hemingway – Jude Law looks awesome here. He plays a criminal who spent 12 years in prison because he kept his mouth shut about his higher ups, and upon release is making up for lost time. This involves palling around with Richard E. Grant, drinking a lot, trying to bang ladies (while looking possibly his worst, even though he’s still Jude Law let’s be real), and visiting his old boss for his reward for staying silent. The movie seems to take a sentimental turn where he reconnects with his estranged daughter and the grandson he’s never met, but his daughter is played by Emilia Clarke so even that doesn’t sound like a negative. This looks like a fun watch but I’m mostly looking forward to seeing Law play this type.
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8 thoughts on “Weekly Film Guide: 04.04.14

  1. I also haven’t seen Captain America, and no rush to see the new release either. Well, I am now looking forward for Amazing Spider-Man 2 (it’s still a while, I know) and seeing Labor Day.

    • I haven’t see the new Captain America yet, but I hope to check it out soon (and then maybe go back and watch the first one at some point). I actually haven’t seen the first Amazing Spider-Man either.. I am way behind on some of these superhero movies. I hope you like Labor Day. I wrote a review on it a bit back, and it was better than I was expecting but not without its issues.

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