Let’s look at article highlights, review recommendations and my favorite posts from March 2014.


The Droid You’re Looking For likes to compare his viewing experiences of memorable films. See what he thought about one of my favorite P.T. Anderson films on rewatch. [Re-Watchterpiece Theater: Magnolia]

Flickering Myth contributor Tom Jolliffe remembers John Candy on the 20th anniversary of the comedic legend’s passing. [Special Features – In Memory of John Candy]

Rambling Film continues M. Brown’s blogathon by compiling a fantastic foursome of awful looking cryers. [Mount Rushmore of Movies Blogathon]

Couch Kurisu is dishing out some life lessons that came from Spike Jonze’s film Her. [‘Her’ and 5 Life Lessons we Learnt]

Public Transportation Snob wrote a lovely post about the nature of film critics and how one struggles with finding a voice as a writer. [Film Criticism: Finding a Voice]

And So It Begins ran a great list concept that looks at the best ‘Passion Projects’. [Top 10 Film Passion Projects]

Top 10 Films A very specific but fun list of some of the best non-Jon Hughes 80s high school movies. [Top 10 American High School Films from the 1980s excluding John Hughes]


My Film Habit looked at a lost gem that I quite enjoyed. Review Quote: “This movie perfectly describes exactly how I imagine my future (hypothetical) vacation to Russia going wrong. I have always thought Russia would be a fascinating place to see, but I don’t relish the thought of spending eleven months of hard labor in Siberian prison because of “irregularities” with my visa. “ Read the review for Transsiberian.

Two Dollar Cinema wrote a spot on review of this deeply disturbing and facinating true story. Review Quote: “Often we fear what will happen if we don’t do as instructed. But, as history has told us time and time again, the real problem doesn’t stem from us questioning authority, but from not questioning in enough. “ Read the review for Compliance.

Your Face blogger Jason joined Bubbawheat’s Graphic (Novel) Horror Blog-a-Thon blogathon by reviewing this cult classic. Review Quote: “The stories written by Stephen King and the movie directed by George A. Romero, it’s probably the best example on how to make an anthology film. “ Read the review for Creepshow.


Best Reviewed Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel [90%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Divergent [44%]

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