Grease Sing-A-Long
FTS Podcast Eps 188: We discuss what we watched recently from the Movies Jason Would Never Watch Mini Movie Marathon and oh yeah, musicals! Subscribe to our feed by clicking HERE!

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– This week we are sans Marc
– Will’s drinking an energy drink for his sore throat?
– Nick saw Noah (in IMAX)
– Jess, Lindsay, and Rob saw Filth
– Butt sex jokes!!
– Drink everytime Nick says, “Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters”
– What is FXX?
– “I did it with him” – Will
– “D’you fart in his mouth?” – Lindsay

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One thought on “FTS Podcast Eps 188: Musicals

  1. Great show guys, I’m shocked that The Muppets was mentioned by someone other than Nick.

    Also, Newsies is a musical?!? I had no idea.

    Also also, I learned something else from this show – apparently the Beatles had more than one film. Did not know that. I knew A Hard Day’s Night existed (it’s on the 1001 Movies list, haven’t seen it yet) but I thought that was it. Thanks for being both entertaining and informative!

    (And Gosford Park is great. Love Stephen Fry in that film. You should look into more of Robert Altman’s films. I recommend The Player and Short Cuts, though the latter is over 3 hours long.)

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