Another month has come and go so it’s time for a brief post of reflection. Take a look at article highlights, review recommendations and my favorite posts from the first month of 2014.


The Cinematic Katzenjammer has a super cool announcment that is sure to please regular readers of the site. [THE CINEMATIC KATZENJAMMER FAMILY HAS GROWN]

Film Actually wrote a powerful list of his favorite acting performances from last year. [Top 20 Acting Performances of 2013]

Your Face is doing it again! No, not that, they’re doing the Tournament of the Unwanted for 2014! [The Lair of the Unwanted #74: The Tournament of the Unwanted 2: Even Tournament-ier]

A Red Head at the Movies is keeping busy writing posts for FTS as well as her own awesome blog. Check out her lovely list of favorite teen movies. [No Particular Order: Favorite Teen Movies]

Cool and Collected is defending The Lone Ranger whether you like it or not! Read his plea for the oft dismissed film. [That masked man got the job done]

Flowing Data posted a super cute infographic that puts famous movie quotes in chart form. [Famous movie quotes as charts]

The Droid You’re Looking For keeps churning out informative and funny infographics, with his latest being his most direct one yet. [Quiz: Which Gravity Character Are You?]

The LAMB started (and is currently running) all the blogger submissions for the annual Lamb Devours The Oscars feature. Make sure you take a peek at what has already been posted and stay current with the posts still to come. [Lamb Devours The Oscars]


Ramling Film turned me on to an interesting indie that I had not heard of previously. Review Quote: “The film has plenty of twists and turns, yet still leaves much to the imagination…If you’re looking for a creepy film that you may have missed, check this one out. “ Read the review for Buddy Boy.

Inspired Ground praises the recent film from comedian Lake Bell. Review Quote: “In a World… feels fresh and new, because it talks about something so essential from movies and commercials but people rarely aware of it, a voice over.” Read the review for In A World….

Heart of Cinema wrote another fantastic review for one of my favorite films from 2013. Review Quote: “This madness is so savage and destructive, something DiCaprio captures very well, and I have to say I disagree with anyone who thinks this film glorifies the wild lifestyle.” Read the review for Wolf on Wall Street.

Films and Coke loved the latest Noah Baumbach film. Review Quote: “Greta Gerwig is marvelous – she’s beautiful, enthralling and very believable in her role.” Read the review for Frances Ha.

Blueprint Review put together a thorough review for a film I’ve been hearing a lot about recently. Review Quote: “It’s a very odd experience. Shot with old black and white analogue video equipment which was originally used for public access TV back in the 70′s and 80′s, Computer Chess looks like a relic from the time. It also incorporates mockumentary elements although it doesn’t stick to this approach regularly.” Read the review for Computer Chess.

1001 Plus wrote a unique perspective on a movie I finally watched recently. Review Quote: “I’m a teacher and more specifically an English teacher, which means that I’m supposed to love Dead Poets Society. I don’t. “ Read the review for Dead Poets Society.

Best Reviewed Movie:Lone Survivor [71%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit [61%]

Featured: The Ultimate Villain Tournament

Podcasts: New Years Resolutions, Top 10 of 2013, Erotically Charged Films & 2014 Oscar Snubs and Thoughts


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14 thoughts on “Month in Review: January

  1. I had no idea Lone Survivor was by Peter Berg. I quite like The Kingdom he did a while back. I’m not as enthused about this one but might give it a rent given all the positive reviews.

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