FTS Podcast Eps 181: Redux – Movies You’re Embarrassed You Haven’t Seen. In our first episode REDUX the group talks about embarrassing movie watching omissions and compares their picks to an old list. Subscribe to our feed by clicking HERE!

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Show Quotes:

  • “Someone’s A big Pat Morita Fan” – Will, talking about his e-mail inbox
  • “Can’t say ‘Yarp’ during sex”
  • “That’s a lot of blood.” – Rob
  • “Dragon…Ball Z?” – Jess, questioning Will
  • “I don’t get embarrassment as a feeling, like, I don’t feel love and stuff” – Will
  • “Jake Gyllenhall is a nasty dude!” – Marc

What We Watched: The Lego Movie

Main Discussion: Redux List – Top 3 Movies You’re Embarassed You Haven’t Seen


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4 thoughts on “FTS Podcast Eps 181: Redux – Movies You’re Embarrassed You Haven’t Seen

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  2. Just wanted to say I loved this episode! There are a lot of movies that I also haven’t seen that I really really should as someone into film and I’m working on it reeeeally slowly I guess. I know was one of Lindsay’s main reasons for being embarrassed, so I felt a lot better about myself after listening to this to know I’m not the only one! So thanks guys! Good choices.

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