FTS Podcast Eps 180: Movies About Love. FTS gushes about their favorite films about love and listens to some of the greatest listener feedback ever. Happy Valentines Day! Subscribe to our feed by clicking HERE!

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Joel Kinnaman

Show Quotes:

  • “A lot of men need to get blow jobs for sung this movie – two in a row!” – Nick
  • “In the words of Huey Lewis and the News ‘that’s the power of love'” – Will
  • “This is one of the the greatest movies of all time about love–” “Waterboy?!” – Lindsay

What We Watched: Monuments Men, Winter’s Tale, & Robocop

Main Discussion: Top 3 Movies About Love

Amazing Listener Feedback

We absolutely love to hear feedback from our listeners so don’t be shy! Let us know what you think and we will be sure to talk about it on the show.

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2 thoughts on “FTS Podcast Eps 180: Movies About Love

  1. Harold and Maude is a great choice, I have to agree. I saw it recently and it’s where my mind went too. However, I think my list would probably be topped by Up. And, seeing as Love Actually was boxed, I’d have slipped another Richard Curtis film on with Four Weddings and a Funeral, despite how much I hate Andie MacDowell and the scene in the rain at the end.

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