I was recently offered the opportunity to review one of our affiliates Redbubble.com here on FTS. The site shows off an awesome collection of artists and thie work that includes everything from stickers to prints to t shirts. Keep reading to see what I chose to review and if it’s work your money. Full disclosure: the products I reviewed were given to me by Redbubble and the links in this review are affiliate links but all of my opinions and statements are 100% my own.

First, I’ll let you get familiar with RedBubble. The site is made up of a big community of artisst that independently upload their content and in turn the company makes those artists consumables. You may have spotted some items from the site on our Get A Good One feature. Art can be applied to a variety of products including T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers, iPhone & iPod Cases, Samsung Galaxy Cases, iPad Cases, Posters, Photographic Prints, Cards, Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, and Calendars. Whew! The amount of art on the site is staggering. Because the community is so varied, there is really a something-for-everyone- type feel whenever you search or browse.

screenshot of RedBubble.com

screenshot of RedBubble.com

In the past, I’ve purchased a fantastic Breaking Bad shirt for my Dad’s Christmas gift as well as a whole load of stickers. I never knew I how badly my life was I need of stickers before RedBubble.

For this review, I wanted to check out some of RedBubble’s photographic prints. While the site offers a lot of fabulous poster options, I’ve always been partial to smaller prints that can fit easily on a way or even at work. The prints are super duper affordable (average price was $6-$7) for the basic paper type and coating. I wanted to maximize my cash so that I could get multiple gifts and the photographic print option was perfect for that. One of the only downsides to ordering through RedBulbble is that there is so much intensely great art finds to try and narrow down. Seriously. Just go there and search for …I don’t know, your favorite movie. It’s likely that there are pages and pages of cool stuff that you will have to choose from. Thankfully, they have that sticker deal (Buy 6 stickers and they discount all of them by 50%) to keep you satiated and your wallet in good shape. I picked out a few surprises for the FTS gang and they were all totally jazzed. Take a look at what everyone got:

You’ve Got Red On You by byway

Stay Fassy by Logan Nottbohm

Muppets World of Friendship by Kenny Durkin

I myself had to splurge. When I picked out my art piece I knew that just a print would not suffice. Take a look at the gorgeous T-Shirt I picked up:

Mia Wallace T-Shirt by CalmSubtlety

I can say with certainty that I would order from RedBubble again in a heartbeat. They foster great art and produce quality products. Feel free to check out the full site by clicking on the image below: