The RoboCop remake just hit theaters this week, with star Joel Kinnaman stepping into the suit previously worn by Peter Weller and Robert Burke. I hope he washed that thing. Let’s take a look at 5 Great Bits about everyone’s favorite tin man with a heart of gold. It’s 5GB time!


5. Top 10 Quotes from RoboCop via GeekTyrant
GeekTyrant compiled their favorite quotes from the original RoboCop. Simple enough premise, but they have a good point – the original RoboCop is one of the most quotable ’80s films of all time. What’s your favorite line?


4. Everything Wrong with RoboCop in 7 Minutes or Less via CinemaSins
I’m actually not usually a huge fan of these (the guy’s voice rubs me the wrong way) but this one was pretty funny. Bonus points for referencing Mystery Science Theater 3000 at the end.


3. Crowd Sourced Remake of RoboCop via GeekTyrant
Apparently, not content to just watch Hollywood’s big budget remake of RoboCop, a group of people got together to make their own insane, cobbled together remake of the classic. Full disclosure – I have not watched this whole thing (it’s almost two hours long) so I have no idea what you’re in for. Watch with caution. Your move, creep.

Our RoboCop Remake – (Full Movie) from DaveAOK on Vimeo.


2. Honest Trailers – RoboCop via Screen Junkies
The folks at Screen Junkies turned their gaze upon RoboCop and produced one of their funniest Honest Trailers yet. Check it out below!


1. The Onion Reviews RoboCop via The Onion
This is my favorite bit. The Onion, which has been creating some pretty awesome video “reviews” lately, did one for RoboCop and the “original” 1924 film. I don’t remember this movie…

The Onion Reviews ‘RoboCop’

Have you seen any great RoboCop bits on the interwebz?
Let us know in the comments below!


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