lone Here to take a look at the films coming out in wide and limited release this coming weekend. I’ll give you my thoughts to help you decide what’s worth checking out.


  • If you want to see some actors playing Navy SEALS in a true story instead of the real Navy SEALS in a fake story as seen in Act of Valor:
    Lone Survivor
    (wide) – Besides, the weird trailer featurette I keep seeing in theaters lately bugging the shit out of me, this doesn’t look bad. It’s got a respectable 70% on Rotten Tomatoes and a decent cast. I’ve heard it’s pretty intense but knowing the outcome does seem to decrease the tension off the bat. I think if Peter Berg goes back to his directing style in Friday Night Lights compared to his recent big budget craps Battleship and Hancock this could be a winner.
  • If you absolutely can’t wait to get your Hercules fix when Dwayne Johnson’s version comes out in July:
    The Legend of Hercules
    – Every year lately there’s two movies with identical plots – Snow White in 2012, White House attacks in 2013, and now Hercules movies. I can’t say I have a hankering for one Hercules movie. The Rock’s version has a slightly more impressive cast and is directed by Brett Ratner (eh). The version coming out this week stars Twilight star and recent make out partner of Miley Cyrus (those are really his two claims to fame) and is directed by Renny Harlin who’ directed Die Hard 2  and Deep Blue Sea. It’s really a pick your poison scenario, and this doesn’t look terrible but I doubt I’ll be jumping to partake in either. It does seem like it’s going for a 300 meets Gladiator meets love story so it could be entertaining enough if it handles it right.
  • Expanding this week: Her



  • If you always thought Walter White should have rocked a Polish accent:
    Cold Comes The Night – This is one of those movies that were produced a couple years ago but are finally getting the dump off. It’s a thriller about a struggling motel owner (Alice Eve) who’s kidnapped by a blind criminal (Cranston) to help him find the money that she actually uncovered from a room. It could just be a throwaway movie, but it’s all but guaranteed that Cranston would make it a fun watch.
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  • If you’re in the mood for some crazy fight stunts:
    – Another VOD dump off, but this one stars Zoë Bell and is about a group of women locked into a building forced to murder each other to make it out. It looks like some sort of The Raid/Hunger Games/Oldboy mash up with a grindhouse feel. Throw in the appearance of Sherilyn Fenn aka Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks and there’s enough for me to want to check this out.
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