Oddjob from Goldfinger vs. Jaws from Moonraker
The Ultimate Villain Tournament is a bracket style competition that pits movie villain against movie villain. In this match up, two bond villains go head to head. Which baddie would be able to pull off his/her villainous scheme? Take a look at our character breakdowns and tell us who you think is the bigger threat.


Oddjob from Goldfinger

Technically, Oddjob is only a henchman. However, he’s the best damn henchman there’s every been, and Auric Goldfinger would be nothing without him and his badass blade-rimmed bowler hat. Whilst he may not come up with the plans himself, no one can carry them out like Oddjob, and he’ll do so with a ruthless efficiency.

Strengths: He has a steel rimmed hat that can decapitate statues, the strength to crush a golf ball with one hand and is handy with a tin of gold paint, plus he’s a fine golf caddy to boot.

Weaknesses: He doesn’t seem to have the ability to talk, and after all he is just a henchman. And, like most people, he doesn’t react too well to being electrocuted. He’s also quite short.



Jaws from Moonraker

Jaws is another henchman that stands out due to his strength. He towers over James Bond and has a steel trap for a mouth. He has a weapon built into his face. One of 007’s most famous adversaries, Jaws was first up against Bond as a hired gun in The Spy Who Loved Me and was so popular they brought him back for Moonraker, although he was less menacing in his second feature.

Strengths: Physical strength, DID I MENTION HIS FACE WEAPON?

Weaknesses: Lacks brains – He could never have the intelligence to be the boss, he will always be a henchman.



Which would come out on top? Who should move on in the bracket? You decide!

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