Jack Torrance from The Shining vs.Patrick Bateman from American Psycho
The Ultimate Villain Tournament is a bracket style competition that pits movie villain against movie villain. In this match up, we aren’t so sure if these guys are really evil, or if it’s just all in their head. Which baddie would be able to pull off his/her villainous scheme? Take a look at our character breakdowns and tell us who you think is the bigger threat.


Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

He’s a businessman for Pete’s sake. A typical suit-and-tie, 9-5 office worker until the evil in his thoughts spills over into his actions. A deviant, someone who kills and tortures with no gain except the sick satisfaction it brings him. He is a ruthless psychotic with a major superiority complex. He can handle most weaponry, be it guns, knives, chainsaws, or even a heated coat hanger, he’s on top of it. He’s also able to lead a normal life and blend in (for the most part) with everyone around him shirking most suspicion. His warped mind that drives his homicidal behavior is also his undoing, making him question reality and even break down in tears when he just can’t handle it all anymore. He’s capable of anything and will stop at nothing, but you have to ask, how long can he keep going?

Strengths: His thirst for blood doesn’t get in the way of his everyday posh lifestyle. Owns fantastic looking business cards.

Weaknesses: He might be going completely crazy…but that’s not ALL bad since no one seems to notice. His business cards still kind of look like garbage next to Paul Allen’s.



Jack Torrance from The Shining

Jack Torrance is a seemingly normal man who was possessed by the power of the evil Overlook Hotel. He’s turned from loving father and husband into a maniacal killer bent on murdering his son and wife. While Jack Torrance’s transformation isn’t the only crazy thing happening in the house, he is the main interpretation of the danger the hotel presents to his own family. He is merely a vessel that the hotel uses to its advantage. The last shot of the film makes you question what you really knew about Jack the entire movie.

Strengths: Strong patriarch that can wield an ax with precision. Has a knack for impersonating talk show hosts.

Weaknesses: Also might be crazy, or possessed or a ghost depending on who you talk to.



Which would come out on top? Who should move on in the bracket? You decide!

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