Annie Wilkes from Misery vs. Norman Bates from Psycho
The Ultimate Villain Tournament is a bracket style competition that pits movie villain against movie villain. In this match up, we look at a couple of crazies that you wouldn’t want to stay the night with. Which baddie would be able to pull off his/her villainous scheme? Take a look at our character breakdowns and tell us who you think is the bigger threat.


Annie Wilkes from Misery

This lady is a diehard bookworm. She’s so obsessed with author Paul Sheldon that when he happens to crash his car near her house, she’s willing to take him in while he recovers… or rather indefinitely. When he tries to escape, she incapacitates him and Annie surely isn’t going to let any potential rescuers succeed. Paul has a book to write and it’s just for her.

Strengths: Wielding hammers; Her nursing past makes her a pro at injecting needles

Weaknesses: Hand to hand combat



Norman Bates from Psycho

For the most part Norman isn’t a criminal mastermind; he’s just a mild-mannered motel manager with a penchant for taxidermy and peeping on his female guests in their rooms. However, there is the small matter that he’s insane and lives with the corpse of his long-deceased mother, whose personality he occasionally takes on and murders any potential threats to her son. In terms of schemes, Norman generally sticks to the small scale of hiding evidence and disposing of corpses – he isn’t really out for personal gain, he just wants things to stay the same.

Strengths: He’s schizophrenic, and everyone knows two minds are better than one! He’s also handy with a knife and is cool under pressure, as long as it results in the protection of his mother.

Weaknesses: He’s unambitious, and his relationship with his mother will prevent him from accomplishing anything truly great. Also, he’s a terrible conversationalist and lacks anything resembling people skills.



Which would come out on top? Who should move on in the bracket? You decide!

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