FTS has been playing Quoovie for the past week and totally digging it. Read how you can snag the app for free right now!

Quoovie is a movie trivia app that lets you compete against friends with quick and easy rounds of questions featuring audio and visual clues! The app recently added Western & X-Mas genres to their long list of categories. Here’s what is listed under the Quoovie.com features:

So you think you know your movies? Quoovie is a multiplayer trivia quiz for movie lovers on iOS and Android- challenge your friends and see who really is the king of the movie world!

  • Challenge your friends for a Quoovie match and find out who is the greatest movie buff
  • Use Facebook or Twitter to connect with friends or play against a random Quoovie player
  • Five different types of multi-media question: Trivia, Quote, Crew, Poster and Soundtrack
  • Round based, asynchronous gameplay: No need to wait for friends
  • Thousands of questions in dozens of categories like Action, Comedy, Western or SciFi – and we are adding more all the time
  • Earn Quoovie Reels for playing and trade them in for additional categories
  • Contains links to movies and soundtracks on iTunes for easy access
  • Play on iPhone 4 and 5 as well as on Android devices


Right now you can download the app for free on Android or Apple. You can play against FTS, too! You can check out Lindsay via the username frenchtoastsunday.

Be sure to leave your username in the comments if you want to play along!

To download Quoovie or to learn more about the app, just head to Quoovie.com!