wolf Here to take a look at the films coming out this Christmas Day. It’s a huge day that people will hit up the theaters after the holiday festivities. To go through the options I’ve narrowed down why you might want to check out a movie depending on who you’re going to the movies with and what you are in the mood to see.


  • If you want to check out a basic popcorn flick:
    47 Ronin
    – I don’t have much to say about this Keanu Reeves goes on an epic quest in ancient Japan. It sounds similar in concept to 300–a small group of warriors go on a quest to defeat enemies that far outnumber them. While it’s only sporting a 14% on Rotten Tomatoes currently, the consensus seems to be that it has amazing visuals but falls short of anything remarkable. It could be fun though if you just want to tune in for some mindless entertainment in the midst of your food coma.
  • If you felt devastated that Justin Bieber said he was retiring (even though it was a joke):
    – This is obviously for a small demographic, of which I am not a part of. If you are a teen girl or a mom of one or maybe even a doting aunt, you might make the day of someone who’s been waiting for this movie ever since Never Say Never was released.
  • If you’re treating your dad or your grandpa to a movie:
    Grudge Match
    – This movie is essentially a gimmick, getting Stalone and DeNiro into one boxing movie. It looks pretty corny, as most of these recent Sly affairs have, but it will at least have some cross-generation appeal I would think. The older gents can laugh along to all the jokes about the boxers being old, and maybe the younger gents can at least get some comic relief from  Kevin Hart.


  • If you’re going to see a movie as an entire family:
    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
    – A review will be up tomorrow, but I have to disagree with the critics who bashed this movie. I thought it was delightful. If you liked the trailer, that’s exactly what the movie is like. It’s very heart-warming, life-affirming, sweet, and funny. There’s nothing questionable that you wouldn’t want to sit next to your parents during (like in the last movie on this list) and it’s also something you’d probably all be happy with seeing.
  • If you’re going to see a movie with the coolest people you know:
    The Wolf of Wall Street – So yeah, definitely not something you’d want to see with your folks, side-eyeing them throughout to gauge how they’re handling the debauchery on screen. Unless it’s been over-hyped this movie will have some of the craziest scenes in a film this year, with some very raunchy stuff going on. It looks like an absolutely hilarious, insane, wild ride. And as per our Christmas tradition, it’s what most of us French Toast Sundians will be seeing in theaters tomorrow night.