October was a blast. New contributors took over FTS and I loved the horror filled Halloween spirit. Take a look at article highlights, review recommendations and my favorite posts from the month of October.

SlashFilm, otherwise known as the pinnacle of movie blogging sites, posted one of the greatest letters you will ever read. If you care about Breaking Bad or Anthony Hopkins in the slightest you should take a peek. [Read Anthony Hopkins’ Glowing Letter to Cast and Crew of ‘Breaking Bad’]

MsMariah’s Space Blog-yssey makes an impassioned plea explaining why a Wonder Woman film should become Hollywood’s next necessity. [It’s time for a ‘Wonder Woman’ film]

Film Actually traveled far and wide to be able to bring you readers all of his New York Film Festival coverage. So do yourself a favor, read it and enjoy. [NYFF: Wrapping up the festival]

And So It Begins Films continues to pop out memorable lists with the personal 10 movies that instantly call the waterworks to action. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air video included as an honorable mention had me ballin’ and not in a Jim Jones sorta way. [Top 10 Movies that Make Me Cry]

Wide Screen World looks at the experience to be had live-tweeting movies and breaks down the advantages and pitfalls it can create. [Re-examining live-tweeting (however reluctantly)]

Top 10 Films pretty much nails this list of phone calls featured in movies. [Top 10 Phone Calls In The Movies]

The LAMB posted a fantastic piece of festival coverage from various Lambs that attended the event. [The Festival Experience: One Blogger, One Day @ TIFF]

Two Dollar Cinema totally loved the end of the Cornetto Trilogy. Review Quote: “I was laughing my ass off before things got out of hand, but when the aliens showed up, I almost pissed myself…Seriously, there are few things I enjoy more than seeing Nick Frost get angry and kick ass. Is that weird?” Read the review for The World’s End.

FlixChatter showed a strong positive reaction for the new Paul Greengrass film. Review Quote: “Hanks puts forward one of his best roles in recent memory. It’s a raw and emotional performance but not without his reliable charm and wit.” Read her review for Captain Phillips.

Mettel Ray always has a delightful review, this time she reviews a film that Jess from our site also really loved. Review Quote: ” I don’t know what exactly clicked in that scene, I’m assuming it was because it was so simple and yet so true to life that I couldn’t hold my laughter. Thinking back, Don Jon is filled with those small little moments that just click, man or a woman, everybody would find something to connect to…” Read her review for Don Jon.

DVD Infatuation tweeted “Martin Scorsese called this film “a deeply — and I mean DEEPLY — unsettling and disturbing movie” and after reading the review I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the once lost film. Review Quote: “Wake in Fright is a harrowing nightmare of a movie. The moment John Grant enters the town of Bundayabba, we get the feeling he’s not so much a guest there as he is its next victim.” Read Elina’s review for Wake In Fright.

Best Reviewed Movie: Gravity [94%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Bad Grandpa [50%]

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