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What We Watched: Olympus Has Fallen, As I Lay Dying, Hollywood Reporter Roundtables, Dallas Buyers Club

Main Discussion: Top 3 Single Setting Movies

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3 thoughts on “FTS Podcast Eps 171: Single Setting Movies

  1. Totally agree on the directors roundtable. It was stupid for them to directly ask David O. Russell about dealing with confrontation again. He’s already addressed it before and it instantly makes everyone uncomfortable. I don’t know why they would want to create that awkward atmosphere in the room.

  2. Good list of single setting flicks, but Im surprised no one mentioned Carnage. The one with Kate Winselt, Cristoph Waltz,John C Riley, and Jodie Foster as parents who try their best to keep civil about the fight their kids had. But as the night goes on their true colors start to show and they become even more crueler then their kids. It was all set in one apartment building.

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