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What We Watched: We Are What We Are, The Inbetweeners Movie, Re-Animator, Promised Land, Thor: The Dark World

Main Discussion: Top 3 Assassin Movies

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One thought on “FTS Podcast Eps 169: Assassin Movies

  1. Just listened to the show and, as requested, here is my feedback on The Inbetweeners Movie: I hate it. I hate the characters, hate the show, and have never found anything funny throughout all three seasons of the program, of which I’ve watched about 90% (my girlfriend really likes it, and doesn’t care that I don’t, despite the fact that she doesn’t like Breaking Bad [sacrilege!] and I don’t make her watch that). However, I seem to be alone in this opinion about The Inbetweeners, as I’ve yet to encounter anyone else who does anything other than idolise this show and/or film. A sequel is apparently in the works, and I shall do my best to avoid it, but please feel free to enjoy it and ignore my heavily outvoted opinion.

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