Maybe you’re looking to save a few bucks or the current theater choices just aren’t cutting it. Whatever the case may be, sometimes it’s just as nice to sit at home and watch a good flick. Take a look at this week’s picks for some At-Home Alternatives to the weekly cinema options.

Instead of Last Vegas, watch: The Bucket List
Seriously guys, what choice did I have? Last Vegas is a movie that features a quartet of fantastic actors in the twilight of their careers clubbing in Las Vegas. The Bucket List also follows fellas in their old age setting out to have a few last adventures. I haven’t even seen either film but I imagine they do the same damage. OR, I just thought of a third option – watch Easy A, a movie that features Stanley Tucci yelling “Let’s Bucket List this bitch!” Yep, that’s what you should watch. [Last Vegas trailer] / [The Bucket List trailer]

Instead of Ender’s Game, watch: The Hunger Games
Despite the sort of knocked-over-the-head obvious-ness of this pick it still manages to be a solid recommendation. I wrote a little comparison of the two flicks in my review of Ender’s Game that should clear it up so check it out here. [Ender’s Game trailer] / [The Hunger Games trailer]

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)
I was quite smitten with the first entry in The Hobbit series when it arrived in theaters – even if it did take a little bit of time getting used to the new frame rate technology. The movie has been playing a lot on cable recently and has been a welcome stop to my channel surfing. I’m sure the blu ray of this flick will be a fine addition to any fan’s collection. [Buy it on Amazon] / [The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trailer]

The Inbetweeners Movie
The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)
I don’t know exactly why, but I threw this film in my Netflix “List” a while back, possibly because of it’s very high rating, and it’s just sat there. I’ve been doing a stellar job recently plowing through my queued up movies so I took a crack at it this week. It’s actually a movie based on a popular British tv series (which now I HAVE to watch) but you don’t need any character backstory to fall into the comedy of the characters. It’s a really hilarious teen sex comedy that had me doubling over on more than a few occasions. There’s a scene where three of the main characters try to woo several ladies with an off-the-charts awkward dance session that makes the entire movie worth a watch.

The Inbetweeners Movie Netflix Synopsis: In this coming-of-age comedy that picks up where the popular series left off, Will, Simon, Jay and Neil go on holiday to Crete after a series of unfortunate events unfolds during their final week at Rudge Park Comprehensive.