September has come to a close and even though the government is shutdown, I’m still looking forward to the warm orange glow of October. Take a look at article highlights, review recommendations, my favorite posts and new blogs I’m into from the month of September.


Movie Mezzanine posted something that struck me recently that was partially depressing. In an effort to keep the site dream alive they finally ventured into territory that I also struggle to come to terms with on my own site. Read about their decision and plans to start covering news. [NOW, FOR AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT]

Deep Red Rum had two bits of happier info to report. On September 24th, the blog past two big achievements. Go find out what the accomplishments were and leave your congratulations. [Two Milestones In One Day!]

Life Vs. Film blogger Jay Cluitt was busy sucking up to FTS last month. Check out Jay’s fantastic list of his favorite breakfast scenes in honor of him joining the FTS writing staff. [Top 10… Breakfast Scenes]

3 Guys 1 Movie posted a sultry list of the best panty scenes in film. It’s exactly what you’re expecting. [Panty Scenes in Film]

Bananas About Movies may have already reviewed A Good Day To Die Hard but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve read this Shitfest Edition Redux. [A Good Day To Die Hard review: Shitfest Edition]

The Droid You’re Looking For killed it this month with Breaking Bad related posts but I’d like to give a special shout out to the very accurate dissection of the hit drama and it’s diminished predecessor Dexter. [A Tale of Two Series]

Your Face writer Nolanh posted a fun, inspired list featuring movies he would love to see in Broadway musical form. A must read. [Nolahn’s Top 5 Movies He’d Like to See as Broadway Musicals]


The Cinematic Katzenjammer gave this film the immense praise it deserved. Review Quote: “It’s a testament to any film if it can make the audience reflect on our own lives and realize things may not be as bad as we think.” Read Nate’s review for Short Term 12.

Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews showed strong support for this new Ron Howard film. Review Quote: “The revved-up engines; the smoldering steam coming from them; and the death-defying thought that any moment, you could crash, burn, and become nothing more than just some skin, and all bones. Those ideas are thrown in by Howard’s direction which not only keeps up the adrenaline and pace for these races, but the story as well, and are probably even more deadly to watch, especially if you don’t know the history behind this real-life feud.” Read his review for Rush.

Mettel Ray was smitten with this under the radar indie film. Review Quote: “The fact of the matter is that The Kings of Summer is a story that I can relate to, even though I’m a girl and I never ran away from home, and that is certainly something that makes this movie special.” Read her review for Kings of Summer.

Films and Coke wasn’t afraid to call out this movie on it’s flaws. Review Quote: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – in any film or series (or book), characters are extremely important to me and if they are off, the entire flick is off, no matter how aesthetically pleasing it is.” Read Elina’s review for Drive.

Two Dollar Cinema proves the only thing better than watching a good movie is reading his review of a bad one. Review Quote: “A picturesque wedding and a host of recognizable faces should have made for an enjoyable flick, right? Right. But then, for laughs, Robert De Niro goes down on Susan Surandon three minutes in and instantly we both realized oh, it’s that kind of party. My wife? She lost interest and probably started thinking about what else she should be doing. Me? I crossed my fingers and hoped that somehow Arnold Schwarzenegger would kick down my door and put a bullet through my television/head declaring, Consider this a divorce.” Read the review for The Big Wedding.


The Panel With Three Walls
A blog that focuses on both movies and comics, The Panel With Three Walls features unique writing and the author’s own personal artwork (as seen above) bookending each review. [Try Reading: I JUST WATCHED HALLOWEEN]

Digital Shortbread
The odd title is right up my alley but it’s blog owner Tom’s love for film that has me hooked. You’ll find mostly new reviews on Digital Shortbread but also smaller ‘bite-sized’ reviews and Throwback Thursday reviews of older films. [Try Reading: TOP THAT: PAUL RUDD IN ‘I’M ME, BUT WHO ARE YOU?’]

Simplistic Reviews
Covering films of all ages, Simplistic Reviews looks at film through reviews, fun features and a monthly podcast. [Try Listening To: The Simplistic Reviews Podcast: September Edition]

Infinite Crescendo
This beautiful site is blogging at it’s finest. A simple, clean layout houses the writers various movie related ramblings. [Try Reading: MY FAVORITE MOVIES: HEATHERS]

We Do All Things Cinematic
Benjamin and friends discuss, review, and analyze “all things cinematic” as they say. Great articles for those looking for a little variation from regular reviews. [Try Reading: My Journey Through Film – The Complete Works of Christopher Nolan]

Best Reviewed Movie: Don Jon [86%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Profile of a Killer [72%]

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