carrie Here to take a look at the films coming out in wide and limited release this coming weekend. I’ll give you my thoughts to help you decide what’s worth checking out.


  • Carrie – There’s only so many ways to complain about this movie, and they’ve all been said a million times since this was announced. At this point my expectations are so low for this sequel that there might actually be ways it could surprise me. Or maybe it’s the fact that this is the ONLY DAMN HORROR MOVIE WIDE RELEASE IN OCTOBER. How did this even happen? And it’s such a poor option. It’s like Hollywood decided to ignore Halloween this year but this dumb knockoff is going to reap of the teenage crowd’s lack of options.
  • Escape Plan – Ugh, why? Every few months there’s another action movie starring one of the geezers and I can’t manage to get a tiny bit interested in any of them. Maybe if the stars were a younger crowd I could maybe see it being dumb fun, but with these two it’s just dumb and sad.
  • The Fifth Estate – The film is certainly trying to be an important think piece and it has the back story to be compelling for sure. When WikiLeaks became a huge news story in 2010, it was like catnip for media students like me. What this website meant and revealed about American journalism and political subterfuge was astonishing. Based on early reviews I’m not sure if this film does it justice and of course Julian Assange isn’t a fan of his portrayal. Even if this isn’t up to snuff, the cast alone makes this movie seem worth checking out. Benedict Cumberbatch is having a decent year and looks perfect in the role.




  • 12 Years A Slave – Oh gosh, the movie I have been dreading this whole year. I am sure it will be incredible, but I know I won’t be prepared for how incredibly devastating it will be. I figure I will just remind myself over and over again how this true story ends, but I doubt it will help much. Its insane acclaim and early Best Picture prediction makes me initially hesitant, but I suppose that’s how everyone who hasn’t seen Gravity yet feels. One thing is for sure, I am so excited to see this cast altogether. I’m especially excited to see Sarah Paulson who I think deserves to blow up.
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  • Kill Your Darlings (out on Wednesday 10.16) – So the theme this week (minus the first two clunkers on this list) seems to be impressive casts. This one leans younger with Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan leading in what looks to be quite impressive roles. Radcliffe will be the fourth actor I’ve seen take on Allen Ginsberg (after David Cross, James Franco, and Tom Sturridge) but he certainly looks the part. I’m not that familiar with this true story, but the juxtaposition of the free spirit of the young Beat Generation against cold murder is certain to be interesting.
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