As a beer lover, I often find myself selecting out a brew to fit my mood. And as a movie lover, most of the time the two go hand in hand. So I decided to share some pairings of film and beer that I think go great together. Take a look at my pick of the month and hopefully you will enjoy it.


Dead Reckoning Porter is Tröegs’ fall seasonal. It’s one that I always make sure I pick up a six pack of when I know it’s in stores. The beer is a traditional porter, but it is also highly hopped. The dry bitterness of the hops are balanced nicely by the sweet roasted flavors of the malt. They impart a grassy taste in the end of the beer that comes across as fresh. Dead Reckoning is flavorful enough to enjoy one in a sitting, but also mild enough that you could have a few without the beer becoming overbearing.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Despite some sequels that bled together in my mind and a fourth movie that seemed unnecessary, the Pirates of the Caribbean was a fun movie that propelled Johnny Depp into to a more acceptable big budget movie star. He plays Jack Sparrow, a pirate in search of his ship. His search gets him caught up with the governor’s fleet of ships, the governor’s daughter, and a seemingly harmless, yet talented, blacksmith. Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom play those last two characters, respectively. Based off a ride at Disney World, Pirates of the Caribbean takes some of those special effects their rides are known for and adapts them to the big screen. It was a fun summer blockbuster the year of its release.

Dead Reckoning is a semi-archaic method of estimating the location a ship or airplane’s future position based off an assumed fix position and calculated speed and drifting. The reason I say it is archaic is because for the most part it has been replaced by GPS. This technique immediately gives me the image of old wooden ships navigating open waters, similar to those depicted on the beer’s label. In addition to the name, television shows and films set in the time period of Pirates of the Caribbean always remind me of dark beers. So to get an authentic pirate feeling while watching the movie, drink a Dead Reckoning Porter or two.