My dear blog readers, I have a confession to make: I’m in lesbians with you, . I know, the ‘L’ word is a big step but after 3+ years I feel comfortable letting you all know how much you mean to me. I’d like to say thanks for your continued readership and I hope to keep you around for years to come. After a little time off from this feature, I’m back with August’s edition of Month in Review to include article highlights, review recommendations, my favorite posts and new blogs I’m into.

3 Guys 1 Movie commented on the biggest news story of the month by lending some fine perspective on the casting of Ben Affleck as the new Batman. [Mr. Affleck’s Wrong Opus]

Cinematic Corner blog runner Sati sparked some great discussion with her response letter to the op ed piece written by Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn. [My open letter to Anna Gunn]

Film Actually was busy being a fucking closer when he chose the David Mamet film Glengarry Glen Ross as his movie of the week. [MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Glengarry Glen Ross]

Top 10 Films put out a list of true stories that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Unrelated/related side note: Be sure to check out the site’s lovely new design. [Top 10 Random Acts Of Kindness From Actors]

And So It Begins has a great write up all about author Bret Easton Ellis and the many film adaptations he inspired. [Bret Easton Ellis Adaptations: Novels vs. Films]

Inspired Ground writer Andina pieces together some of her favorite elevator scenes in film. [Memorable Movie Moments #7 : Elevator]

Whoa, This is Heavy has a list guaranteed to put your taste buds on high alert. [List: 10 Favourite Food Movies]

Mettel Ray highlighted the new opening credits for the second season of The Newsroom, a notable and beneficial difference in the series. [Intro: The Newsroom]

The Droid You’re Looking For wrote down a few scattered thoughts on the new Edgar Wright flick that really helped me put my own view of the film into proper perspective. [Quick Thoughts on The World’s End]

Alcohollywood became my new best friends by not only picking my film suggestion Clue as the topic for one of their episodes but by making SIX drink options to go along with the game. After you read & listen, just shut everything down because it will be the best thing to happen to you all day. Well, maybe read all these other posts first but THEN… yeah you get it. [Clue (1985)]

Flixchatter reviews the documentary at the top of my Must See list and even scores an interview with the director. Review Quote: “Harrowing, shocking, and at times unbearable to watch… but it’s also surprisingly poetic and beautiful. There are few films out there that I’d call essential viewing, but I think this documentary is one of them.” Read the review for The Act of Killing.

Dan The Man Movie Reviews takes a look at one of my favorite films from one of my favorite working directors. Review Quote: “I’ve never considered myself a full-fledged “gamer” of sorts, but this movie made me feel like I was watching one on screen, and a very fun and hilarious one at that.” Read his review for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

The Warning Sign discusses a strange little film I’ve been eager to sit down with. Review Quote: “Juno Temple has been one to watch in recent years, and she delivers what may be her finest performance yet in this lead role.” Read Eric’s review of Magic Magic.

To The Escape Hatch echoed my thoughts exactly on the latest horror film to hit theaters. Review Quote: ” It has the most bludgeonings I’ve ever seen in a movie. The violence is very malicious, but Wingard never really makes it unbearable or takes it to the level of torture porn.” Read Robert’s review for You’re Next.

Coogs Film Blog loved this somewhat overlooked political film. Review Quote: “the use of politics is incredibly intelligent and the cast is uniformly excellent, one of the best political films of recent years” Read his review of The Ides of March.

Cinema Axis is the brand new website from the always fantastic Courtney Small. Bookmark it now, because the guy consistently puts out great festival coverage and insightful reviews. [Try Reading: MY 2013 TIFF SCHEDULE]

Cinema Schminema is a site focused on offbeat film culture. I first heard of the site back when it snagged the runner up spot for the 2013 Best Horror Blog Lammy award but I admittedly haven’t thoroughly checked it out until recently. There’s a huge variety of content on the site including reviews, interviews and videos so be sure to take a peek. [Try Watching: Awesome Movie Reviews – Bad Kids Go To Hell]

Benend’s Basement is run by Ben Hayward a movie enthusiast who puts out some great reviews. If you take a look at his site, you’ll notice the easy to digest rating system and obvious love for film. [Try Reading: [MINI MOVIE REVIEWS] – JUNE 2013]

Picking Brains is my new favorite podcast. Host Brad self described “labor of love” is a glorious podcast for all the horror hounds out there. Picking Brains often focuses on my favorite aspect of filmmaking, special effects. Brad has great guests and discussions brewing that I feel everyone should check out. [Try Listening To: Episode 28: Adam Green: Holliston, Hatchet, & Battleship!]

Best Reviewed Movie: The World’s End [88%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Elysium [61%]

Featured: What’s the Deal? The Great Outdoors

Podcasts: Top 5 Active Directors, Satires, Political FilmsFTS Loves Movies Part 2, & Fav Films of 2013 So Far