still_vhs2May is out the door and it seems like summer is almost here. I’ve made a few small changes to this edition of Month in Review so take a look at what I considered May’s highlights including review recommendations, my favorite posts and new blogs I’m into.

Flixchatter participated on the Comic Strip Double Dip Blogathon by writing about Chris Evans performances in Captain America and The Losers. [Comic Strip Double Dip Blogathon: Chris Evans]

Big Thoughts From A Small Mind had a stellar month reviewing films for the Hot Docs film festival but another discussion post he wrote caught my attention. See why Star Trek into the Darkness sparked a big debate on action film consequences. [Can There Be True Consequences In Summer Blockbusters?]

Man I Love Films co-founder Kai Parker celebrated Mother’s Day on the site by putting together a list of his favorite movie moms. The lists has few inspired entries as well as some classics. [KAI’S 5 FAVORITE MOVIE MOMS]

Movie Mezzanine put together a really interesting and fun article about how the wrong font or styling in an opening credit sequence can damage a film. Like Kanye West, I get emotional about fonts, so this piece of writing grabbed my attention. [TITULAR CHARACTERS: HOW THE WRONG FONT CAN DESTROY A FILM]

To The Escape Hatch celebrated their 2 year anniversary by…stealing from yours truly?!? Robert took a little inspiration from FTS and wrote about why he still loves blogging. Stop by to tell him congrats and lend a few kind words to a fellow passionate blogger. [to the escape hatch! Turns 2 or 5 Things I Love About This Blog]

Life Vs. Film ordered a list of his top active directors which I’m sure would be a difficult task for any film fan. His list is undeniably solid and worth reading despite his inclusion of David Fincher in the HONORABLE MENTIONS section. I mean, come on Jay! The man is a master. [Top 10… Active Directors]

Two Dollar Cinema is another one of my favorite blogs that is also celebrating a birthday. Coincidence? Yes, most likely. For his blogiversary, M. Brown discussed the best and worst films from the past two years and ended the post with a few lovely shot outs. [Did he know it was your birthday? I mean, he’s the director, he’s kinda busy.]

Alcohollywood is still quenching everyone’s thirst with their inventive drinking games. A recent favorite of mine was the puzzling concoction & drinking rules for Fincher’s The Game. The post is worth checking out for the sweet image of the cocktail alone but be sure to listen to the podcast if you’re into that sort of thing. [The Game (1997)]

MV_SleepwalkWithMeMy Film Habit discusses the fascinating documentary about a clever con artist’s true crime story. Review Quote: “The filmmaker does impressive job of pacing the story, doling out pieces of the puzzle little by little, and keeping you guessing.” Read the review for The Impostor.

Silver Emulsion Film Reviews looked at the small indie from comedian Mike Birbiglia. Review Quote: “Oftentimes success hinges on a couple of key, coincidental moments in one’s life, and these moments are perfectly represented here.” Read his review for Sleepwalk With Me.

Forced Viewing finally caught up with this sublimely disturbing Korean revenge tale. Review Quote: “A revenge thriller that transcends by offering much more than simple righteous fury.” Read Lackey’s review of I Saw The Devil.

Mettel Ray brilliantly dissects visual similarities in Derek Cianfrance’s latest film. Review Quote: “There are many similar moments as well as details that connect throughout the movie but seeing those two scenes next to each other creates something special and I can’t seem to find the words to describe it.” Read her review for The Place Beyond the Pines.

Films and Coke gushes over the latest Avenger film. Review Quote: “I’ve seen Iron Man twice by now and I’m thinking of going for a third time (unless Star Trek is so good that all my money’s going to go on that) because it’s fucking great.” Read Elena’s review of Iron Man 3.

Salted Popcorn Reviews is a tumblr based review site that features a lot of fun reviews and images. Her passion for all things cinematic runs deep and is a pleasure to consume. Speaking of consume, doesn’t that blog title make you hungry? [Try Reading: Cinema Etiquette – My Top 5 Pet Peeves]

Me on the Movie is run by Akbar Saputra and has been an active film review blog for over a year. I recently discovered the blog after searching through participants for this year’s Lammy awards and was impressed with both the blog’s design and content. This is one blog to keep on your radar. [Try Reading: Me On The Movie’s 1st Anniversary: Author’s Note]

Across the Universe: The Chicks With Accents Podcast is run by a trio of dynamite ladies. Sofia from Film Flare, Nikhat from Being Norma Jeane and Mette from Lime Reviews Strawberry Confessions just started the show but plan to cover big things as the episodes pile up. [Try Listening To: Episode 1: The Start of Something Big]

Best Reviewed Movie: Iron Man 3 [87%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: The Great Gatsby [68%]

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