tapes2Jess has recruited other FTS members to get in on the blog-a-thon hosted by Andy at Fandango Groovers Movie Blog. Here is my entry.

Here is the concept behind the blogathon:

Mixtapes are most relevant when shared, to give someone a collection of songs, some they will know, others they don’t but will come to love is a true gift. The best mixes are of songs that are completely unconnected but fit together perfectly. So how does this translate to movies? The idea behind Mixtape Movies is to compile a list of movies that fit together. There are no hard and fast rules but here are my guidelines:

A selection of movies with no direct connection (star, director, source material) but that fit together or compliment each other.

Around six movies, five plus one wildcard (a movie that doesn’t quite fit but still belongs).


tape_captive The “Captivated Audience” Mixtape is a combination of films that do two things. These films deal with a subject, or subjects that are held captive by someone or thing in a hostage/prison situation. And these films keep the audiences captivated, throwing twist after turn after twist until you reach an ending that surprises you, leaving your jaw on the floor. Or at least open… life isn’t a Tex Avery cartoon.

Mixtape Runtime: 656 minutes/4 minutes shy of 11 Hours


Red State – Kevin Smith’s Red State, a Religious Cult/Sect kidnaps three male leads and the film escalates into a hostage situation. It’s a favorite of mine cause it’s so different from Smiths work, yet so familiar.

Skyfall – The latest Bond film is based around the actions of Silva (Javier Bardem) and the havoc he unveils even after he is captured. It’s a fantastic film with loads of winks and nods to previous Bond films.

From Dusk Til Dawn – From Dusk Til Dawn begins as a run away hostage film before turning a hard left down Insanity Avenue and becoming a demonic fight for survival. It’s from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, need I say more?

The Truman Show – The Truman Show is the wildcard, because (SPOILER) Truman himself is the one held captive. This film is different from the others not just from the lack of bullets and smoke flying, but the way the audience is captivated. This film pulls at your heart strings through an emotional performance from Carrey, whereas the rest of the films keep you captivated with high levels of tension and action.

Suicide Kings – Charlie Barret, the biggest gangster in town, is kidnapped and held for ransom by a group of friends who just want to find their friends sister. Christopher Walken plays Charlie Barret in this highly underrated film whose tension grows thick, even when they break away for a comedic moment or two with Dennis Leary.

Smokin’ Aces – Las Vegas Entertainer Buddy “Aces” Israel (Jeremy Piven) is holed up in a penthouse suite. He’s being “held captive” by the FBI because he is a star witness in an up-coming case. Meanwhile, Israel has a $1 million dollar bounty on his head and everyone from the FBI, to bail bondsmen to the most inventive of contract killers are out to collect. The film twists and turns to an ending that ties the madness up with a nice bow.


What movies that captivate audiences might you add?

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