As a beer lover, I often find myself selecting out a brew to fit my mood. And as a movie lover, most of the time the two go hand in hand. So I decided to share some pairings of film and beer that I think go great together. Take a look at my pick of the month and hopefully you will enjoy it.


Resurrection Ale is a Belgian style Abbey Brown ale brewed by The Brewer’s Art, a restaurant and brewery in my hometown of Baltimore. An early adapter in canned craft beer, Resurrection was their first canned release and is very popular in bars in the central Maryland area. The Brewer’s Art introduced many people in the city to Belgian style beer when they opened in 1996. They are experiencing a lot of momentum in recent years due to the craft beer boom the country has enjoyed and they deserve it, as one of the original craft brewers in the State.


Dead Alive

Dead Alive is a fantastic film. A New Zealand movie directed by Peter Jackson about an awkward man whose hometown is struck by a zombie virus featuring a sick sense of humor and great practical effects can’t really go wrong. And Dead Alive did not. Horror fans and comedy fans will find a ton of stuff to enjoy. The movie is extremely fun from beginning to end and has infinite rewatchability. This movie is also known as Braindead, oddly enough.

Obviously, there is a correlation between Resurrection Ale and a movie about zombies. There is not another type of movie I would want to watch while drinking a beer with that name. Besides this, Resurrection is a rather fancy beer to see in cans, back even a few years ago. Nowadays, it is not unusual to see very well made beers in cans, but Resurrection was in cans when there was still a stigma around seeing craft beer in something besides a bottle. Dead Alive is similar because even though it appears to be a crude zombie film on the outside, it is in actuality a well crafted movie with a lot to love.