Maybe you’re looking to save a few bucks or the current theater choices just aren’t cutting it. Whatever the case may be, sometimes it’s just as nice to sit at home and watch a good flick. Take a look at this week’s picks for some At-Home Alternatives to the weekly cinema options.

Instead of The Internship: Wedding Crashers
I am tired of seeing Vince Vaughn. I like him a lot, but the man has been playing the same character for the large bulk of his career. I can understand that the studio is trying to get some of that Wedding Crashers mojo back, but I don’t think The Internship is going to do it. In the meantime, if you wish to forego The Internship (I don’t blame you), do watch Wedding Crashers; the banter between Owens and Vaughn is hilarious, there’s plenty of one-liners, and a montage that ends with jiggling breast. It’s a no-brainer

Instead of The Purge: The Strangers
I’m not going to lie, home invasion movies scare the crap out of me. You’re supposed to feel safe in your own home and someone comes along and throws that idea out the window. Unlike The Internship, I really want to see The Purge; I love the premise and it has some pretty solid actors. If you can’t make it to your local Cineplex to catch this one, stay home and watch The Strangers. Both movies deal with home invasions by creepy people. For the first time ever (I think) in ‘At Home Alternatives’ history, there is an alternative to the alternative!! So if you like the home invasion genre but would like a premise a little more based in reality, try out Panic Room as well.

Instead of Much Ado About Nothing: 10 Things I Hate About You
Oh Joss Whedon, can you do no wrong? (We’re going to pretend that Alien Resurrection didn’t happen) The reigning Emperor of Nerd Culture tries his hand at Shakespeare with this passion project filmed entirely at his house. I, for one, will be seeing this but if you can’t make it to the theater then stay home and watch a favorite of FTS, 10 Things I Hate About You. Based on Shakespeare’s play, Taming The Shrew, 10 Things is for anyone who likes Shakespeare’s stories but don’t want to get bogged down with Shakespearian language.

Oz: The Great & Powerful (2013)
Serving as a prequel to The Wizard of Oz, this Oz sets the major players in motion that were made iconic in the original film. You can check out Rob and Jess’ review here.

Drop Dead Fred (1991)
A personal favorite from my childhood, Drop Dead Fred is a zany comedy full of humor for children and adults.

Netflix Synopsis: After Elizabeth leaves her cheating husband, she moves back into her childhood home. Instead of getting on with her life, she takes a huge step backward, reliving old memories and reviving her troublemaking imaginary friend, Fred.

What do you plan on watching this week, at home or otherwise? What do you think of my choices?

2 thoughts on “At-Home Alternatives 6.10.13

  1. Rik Mayall is the man!! When I watched this recently, I spit out my soda at the scene when he’s under the mom’s dress and he says “Look, Cobwebs!”, totally went over my head as a child. I wonder what he’s up to these days….

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