I’m constantly being bombarded by people telling him “you haven’t seen ____? You gotta check it out.” Or hearing critics rave “this movie is a classic, a must see.” So I decided that from now on every time he actually watches one of these flicks, I’ll write my take on whether the film will live up to the hype or fall short.

So, what’s the deal with Die Hard?
I finally watched Die Hard recently in a throwback viewing at a local theater. Being able to watch it on film in a theater filled with fans was a wonderful experience. Too often, I’ve been stuck in theaters where the audience isn’t even interested in the movie they paid to see. So to be at the opposite end of that spectrum was a nice change of pace.

Die Hard is another one of those movies that enjoyed a lot of build up before I watched it. No one had to tell me Die Hard was a classic, I was well aware. I’m not sure if it was the broad appeal of Die Hard that made it so popular, but when I watched the film it was easy to see why everyone likes it so much.


Die Hard is not only a great action movie, but it was also a great comedy. Bruce Willis’s comedic talent was showcased in the forefront of this movie with those great one-liners. I found myself laughing at this more than I did some actual comedies I have seen recently. This was a big win for the movie in my eyes. I love films that can take multiple elements and create a cohesive film with them.

Bruce Willis was overall a big portion of why I liked Die Hard. Even though his character was doing crazy things like jumping off buildings, I felt like he was a relatable character. He seemed like a totally normal guy who was a little out of his mind, the type of guy everybody knows someone like. I was rooting for him through the whole film and genuinely cared what happened to his character at the end of the movie.


Die Hard is certainly one of those movies that I would recommend to everybody. I don’t think I know a single person who I couldn’t see getting some level of enjoyment out of the film. This movie fairly earned all of the praise it receives.

One thought on “What’s The Deal? Die Hard

  1. A few things I always point out about this movie. Everything is earned. There is a lot of exposition at the beginning of the film that is a perfect example of visual storytelling: dialogue that is expository; but feels natural-and reveals information-plot devices; that will give the film depth.(Car Phone in Limo, Taking off shoes, Ellis and Coke) I am not watching at the moment but some examples from memory. 1.Man on plane sees McLane nervous: tells him fist w toes, as McLane stands his gun is revealed and the man looks at him-petrified… “don’t worry I am a cop” 1.5 Hot girl in airport-McLane to himself-“Cali-Fornia…”
    2.Argyle and Johns’ limo ride: Papa Bear in the back- we see thru mirror- is catalyst for Argyle to make his inquiries.. McLane reluctantly reveals info, “Just Drive..the car Argyle…”
    Willis One liners pepper these early bits too. “California..” “Don’t you have Xmas Music..?”
    At Nakatomi we learn more: when he uses touch screen. “Genaro”
    In the offices we see Ellis and coke habit… etc. I could go on. When McLane does anything “Super Hero” like…he calls out the absurdity of it n some way. “Come out to the coast…Have a few Laughs… ” or As he is tying a fire hose about his waist…”John what the Fuck are you doing..?”

    And Finally so as not to rehash the entire film….when you recommend this movie… don’t just mention the Action movie aspect (arguably top-five best action film all-time,) Just tell them the truth. “Die Hard is the BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE EVER!.

    Really it is. We watch every year as a family. Yippee-Kay-Yay

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