With new features and podcasts on the way from FTS, March has been another busy month. Here are some of last month’s highlights including box office stats, my favorite posts and new blogs I’m into.

The Lammys are here!: The 2013 Lammy awards are off and running. This year, voting has taken on a whole new set of stages and rules, all for the better. [Read]

R.I.P. Google Reader: Google thinks RSS is a thing of the past but for many blog owners, keeping the most ubiquitous reader is a must. As Google Reader’s end date of July 1st draws near, Digg announced that they are fast tracking their new reader development. [Read]

Oz The Great and Profitable: Love it or hate it, Sam Raimi’s Oz The Great and Powerful was March’s box office winner pulling in over $182 million domestically. [Read]

The Droid Your Looking for complied a fantastic list of tracking shots featuring some amazing director’s like Godard, Anderson and Kubrick just to name a few. [Ten Great Tracking Shots]

Mettel Ray celebrated Quentin Tarantino’s birthday by listing off 10 things she loves about the uber-talented director. [Let’s celebrate Tarantino ! ]

Lights Camera Reaction put together a really solid list of favorite movies scenes of 2012. The list is pretty much spot on from start to finish. [My Favourite Movie Scenes of 2012.]

Marked Movies had another great edition of Tuesday’s Trivia Tidbit featuring a few things I never knew about my favorite film American Beauty. [TUESDAY’S TRIVIA TIDBITS.]

Lord of the Films reviewed Spring Breakers along with a lot of other great film bloggers, but his review gets posted here because he tweeted the best quote of the year. [Spring Breakers Review]

Reviews From A Bed – Run by Vandy Price, a film critic that is a movie fan first. The blog mainly covers new releases and film news from a unpretentious perspective. Just how I like it.

Films and Coke – Elena is a genuine and delightful newcomer that I’m already putting at the top of my ‘To-Read’ list.

Best Reviewed Movie: Stoker [88%]

Worst Reviewed Movie: Oz the Great and Powerful [64%]

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