Compliance 2
Maybe you’re looking to save a few bucks or the current theater choices just aren’t cutting it. Whatever the case may be, sometimes it’s just as nice to sit at home and watch a good flick. Take a look at this week’s picks for some At-Home Alternatives to the weekly cinema options.

Instead of Oblivion: Minority Report
I suppose this is an obvious choice considering both are sci-fi films starring Tom Cruise. Oblivion is a triumph visually, but the story never takes us quite as far as it could. On the other hand, Minority Report aims high and succeeds. The film pushes the viewer from the moment it begins and challenges you to keep up. It’s an excellent example of how high concept science fiction can equal one of the most enjoyable cinematic experiences you can have.

Gangster Squad (2012)
Gangster Squad may not have been the epic story some people were looking for, but it’s an entertaining ride full of rich side characters. Mixing in small doses of comedy with brutal violence is something director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) seems to be drawn to, which makes for most of the more enjoyable parts of the film. On a side note, Jurassic Park 3D is also out on Blu-ray if you have the equipment to play it at home.

Compliance (2012)
This smaller film from 2012 packs a big punch. Based on the entirely true events that took place in multiple fast food stores across the country, Compliance is a psychological thriller that asks a lot from the viewer. The true crime story looks at an individual’s willingness to obey an authority figure, misuse of power and the psychology of both the victims and perpetrators. It can be a hard movie to stomach but it is excellently made and shockingly accurate to the details of one of the real incidents.

Compliance Netflix Synopsis: Based on a true incident, this tense drama unfolds as a prank caller pretends to be a cop and convinces a restaurant manager to interrogate her teenaged employee about a supposed theft from a customer — a situation that soon spins out of control.

What do you plan on watching this week, at home or otherwise? What do you think of my choices?