Attention fellow Lambs! The annual Lammy awards are in full swing (if you couldn’t tell by now) and it’s time to cast nominations. French Toast Sunday was made eligible for a few awards during the submissions process so I figured I would throw up our FYC banners. Good luck to all and happy voting!



Here is the full list of what FTS is up for:
Best Blog
Best Podcast – French Toast Sunday
Best Movie Reviewer – Nick
Best Design
Best Rating System
Best Film Festival And Convention Coverage
Best Running Feature – Babe Of The Week
Best Running Feature – Beer And A Movie
Best Running Feature – NICK VS. THE SCARECROW
Best Community Builder – Lindsay Street




About Linds

Lindsay is the site's founder and main contributor. She is also the individual on the FTS Podcast that speaks with an odd sentence structure, can't properly pronounce names and sounds like a 12 year old boy.

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